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role play

  1. EeveeThePet

    Looking for macro vore RP partner! (Can do any character etc)

    Hiya! So I'm a long time user of furaffinity and I always wanted to RP with the pred community and RP with others I mostly play prey but can switch. My favourite kinks are mouhplay, and non fatal etc We can discuss more on who I play as as your preference in discord. Please dm me to add and...
  2. D

    Star Wars Theme Role PLay with NSFW or Kinky

    I want to do a Star Wars theme role play. Anyone out there up for it? If you're interested in starting a RP or want me to join, here is my discord: BridgeZlin#8056
  3. D

    Predator/Yautja MxM (RolePlay)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner that I can rp in doing like a Predator/Yautja romance. I want to do like a male on male romance. This is going to take place in a scifi mixed with fantasy world. I have different type of stories that we can make or make something new. I have like a long...
  4. D

    Pokemon (FxF, MxM, MxF)

    Hello, I'm posting asking if anyone would be interested in doing something relating to Pokemon and NSFW. I'm open up to FxF, MxM, or MxF. I want to do a role play where the pokemons are anthro type. The role play could be either a Pokemon x Pokemon or Pokemon x Trainer. I'll me asking questions...
  5. Amyntas

    (+18) Female Wyvern Seeking Romantic RP

    Hey there~ I'm currently quite in the mood for romantic, long-term stuff, and since this is rather specific, I might as well ask here. I'm looking for a partner who's character is preferrably male, or herm, and is more on the assertive, slightly dominant side. I really love other scalies and...
  6. Band1t

    Anyone down for some Babyfur/Diaperfur kinda rp?

    Really just looking for a long term partner for now. Preferably SFW and someone whos semiliterate. Any gender accepted too! Ciao!
  7. Weepingdeer

    Looking for discord RP partners (FxF) (sfw possibly nsfw)

    May be SFW or NSFW, just seeing how it goes for starters. I’m looking for a gf for my character celostine :) Looking for someone with around the same artistic skill level as I so we can trade ship art but I’m not too picky. https://toyhou.se/11314053.celostine
  8. U

    Pokemon rp4M

    Looking to do a rp involving pokemon. I mainly roleplay on discord. The stuff involved in the rp is more in the kinky side(stuff involved like watersports) we can go into more details if intrested. Please message me if you are. discord:MIKE#8243
  9. Cres Moon

    Vera's Manor

    Hey there, are you an aeromorph, or a furry, or maybe you're just looking for a group of people to play Halo custom games with. At Vera's Manor you can find all of the above. Aside from rps and art sharing, we also will be holding weekly Halo MCC custom games that anyone can join...
  10. Parabellum3

    An Ōkami based RP

    Hey guys, I've got a unique sort of RP that I have come up with. It is a sort of story based(1 x 1) RP that I have planned which is literate and semi-literate when conversing with characters in the story. I may even convert the RP into a fanfic depending on the outcome of it. So far the only...
  11. J

    ABDL long term rp MXM

    Hello my name is jax. I am a gay fur looking for a longer term rp partner. It would be a ABDL role play. Please hit up my discord ZJMT7098#5028. If you wish to rp with me. It can be soft or dirty. 18+
  12. ArtGirl205

    I'm looking for an rp partner.

    I like rps involving animal transformations, age regression mental, physical or both mind change, mind switching, DC, a raised by animals scenario, human to part animal surgery reincarnation, an rp from an animals point of view , or an au universe were animal and human roles are switched around,.
  13. Snipernoah11

    Looking for pokemon/digimon vore rp partners

    Hey, it's nice to see this forum open back up even though I barely use it. I'm just looking for some rp partners for some things i wanna do, be it a adventure or just a casual laying back at a home and interacting with people rp. Im open to ideas though i do have my likes and dislikes. But...
  14. K

    New to RP (No longer open!)

    I've never really RP'd before, longest was about 2 paragraphs in before my partner got too caught up with college. I'm fluent in English and have a minotaur who's ready for an adventure lol I do best with fantasy settings, and while I'm not good with starting out a plot I can keep the story...
  15. Rap Daniel

    Looking for a RP partner (Your choice of SFW or NSFW)

    I'm looking for a RP partner, preferably female (but if a guy can RP as a girl, go ahead), who is willing to RP the scene below.
  16. VolatusArts

    Looking for RP Friend! [mxm pref]

    EDIT: Been a bit, I've kind of forgot about my forum account. My Discord tag changed to #8680 , and my mental health was behind, so I did kind of go ghost on a few people. Apologies. But hopefully, I'll make some new friendos >> It's not required that your character be male, gay or that you rp...
  17. RoboticFreeze

    "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" Tabletop RPG 18+

    Hello. I know title would assume "Next FATAL wannabe" but before you stop reading let me try to interest you. "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" was created in the middle of creating another RPG. It was a normal fantasy setting, but we joked around we could add some NSFW elements. Not everyone was...
  18. C

    Furry RP Discord Servers?

    Uh, hey. Sorry if this question gets posted a lot. I'm a new fur, whose primarily interested in writing and making stories about my furry OCs. In particular, I like RPing with other people, making a collaborative story that everyone contributes a little bit to. Well, that, and I love seeing...
  19. lenago

    Light hearted slice of life/ syfy RP

    Hi hi! I'm looking for someone to do a bit of a light hearted,slice of life role play/ syfy RP. Looking for male or female with ages 18 and up. The ideia i have is for a roomate story,your character would respond to a ad for a room i am renting, you at first enjoy your stay and everything looks...
  20. GrimnCoyote

    Easy-Times RP Recruitment

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm GrimnCoyote. I am a moderator in the roleplay group known as Easy-Times and currently we are sniffing out new members. Now you may be asking yourself "what is Easy-Times", well my friend the answer is simple. Easy-Times or ET for short is a discord server...