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role playing games

  1. D

    Finding a group/partner to roleplay with (NSFW or Kinky)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner or a group that I can join or start. I like to do a combination of fantasy and sci-fi including fandom as well as other types of role plays. I'm doing just to have fun and have something to do in my free time. This also might be good for me to do to help...
  2. Leocrit

    Looking for 2 people free for Dungeons and Dragons for Saturday's

    Hey, I'm in a furry gaming group that plays dungeons and dragons but we need at least 2 people to join us, we play on Saturday from 3PM to 6PM EST and we're are at lvl. 4 but we don't mind boosting you so you can get caught up with everyone. Feel free to reply back.
  3. RoboticFreeze

    "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" Tabletop RPG 18+

    Hello. I know title would assume "Next FATAL wannabe" but before you stop reading let me try to interest you. "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" was created in the middle of creating another RPG. It was a normal fantasy setting, but we joked around we could add some NSFW elements. Not everyone was...
  4. T

    Information on Quoting for Contract Illustration Work

    Hi there... Recently got an ok to provide quotes to design starships and vehicles for an RPG game that could lead to other work. But I don't know how I should cost it out. I am going to be starting out with 3d pencil drawing rough designs then as the client puts more confidence in me I will move...