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  1. Guifrog

    How much has your sona's story/role in your life changed?

    When I created my blue poison frog character back in 2018, I'd imagine some powers, a parallel world and a little backstory that I could possibly use for RPs. It made sense for me to connect his personality to mine, and at the same time, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of fantasy. I feel like...
  2. Jaredthefox92

    Roleplay: Up the beanstalk!

    Time for a remake of a classic English fairytale, but with a twist! This particular roleplay is based on the story Jack and the Beanstalk,only there are several giants to choose from to be the main antagonist, each with their own varied ways of doing things. Involved characters: .Ophelia the...
  3. hatdudeman

    7 Year Old Discord Sci Fantasy RP Looking for New Members

    Hello role players my name is Hat and I’m here to get as many of you people into our RP Inexplicable Reference to the End of the Story. We have been rocking and rolling for seven years now and we are looking for some fresh new blood. Our group is a bit small but it's full of creativity. We run...
  4. D

    Looking for NSFW RPers

    Right there in the title really, i dont care what gender you are IRL. Just so you know I have a discord where we can RP. So long as you have a character and are willing to put up woth a little big of story. I like restraints, hunting, being enslaved, straitjackets, pretty dresses etc.. I tend...
  5. W

    New RPer looking for partner/teacher!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for an individual who is up to RP with someone that is extremely new. Pretty much my first time. When it comes to what I like there really isn't much off the list. There are a few things that I don't really care for and they are: Fat Furs Inflation And although I...
  6. JamesOtters

    A New Life (Starting)

    I know this is kind of weird, but ask yourself this question: "What if you suddenly woke up in a forest, as your fursona's animal (Or any random animal, if you feel like it.)" I want to make an RP based off that question. I want this to be semi realistic, so at least do a bit of research. It'll...
  7. Silver Wind34

    Furry Star Wars RP

    Hey all, I'd like to start an RP if anybody is up for it. It'll be my first so bare with me if you could. I'd like the theme to be set in Star Wars but with much more furry. Doesn't really matter to me what timeline it takes place in really. Just let me know if you are interested and put your...