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roleplay advertisement

  1. S

    NSFW Discord RP

    Hi there! I'm Shade and I enjoy having a bit of fun... I'm a bit bored and wanna help you enjoy yourself... so if you want, you can use me for whatever RP scenario you want! ;3 Though I can sum up an idea I've been wanting to do. Two words: Cursed. Diaper. (Be aware though I don't know every...
  2. Big Man on a Tiny Block

    Roleplay Ad (NSFW 18+)

    Heyo, my name's Arksen. This is my first post on here, I was hoping to meet an RP partner that has: -Decent grammar -Rarely makes any mistakes on punctuation -Uses BOLD for action text (i.e. He walked into the bar.) And surrounds speech text in quotation marks (i.e. "Hello Arksen, how is your...