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roleplay buddy

  1. Amegor

    Looking for an RP buddy!

    Hi! I was hoping to find someone that would be interested to RP with me. I don't have anything in mind plotwise, but i'd rather brainstorm with my RP partner on what plot to go with anyways. I'm looking to do this RP in DMs. I'll list down my preferences among other subjects regarding to what...
  2. mina_kane

    Female pred Seeking NSFW 18 + RP Partner

    Hi I am looking for a roleplay partner for long or short rps involving various fetishes and kinks. I have lots of characters to play with and storys i wish to try out. I enjoy vore, pregnancy, and lactation just to start off with. Please message me if you want to play. I also have a discord...
  3. F

    RP Partner (Search) - [German]

    In der Hoffnung, dass auch ein deutschsprachiger hier drüber stolpert. Ich suche noch einen netten RP Partner (Wolf / Dog) für intensivere Rp´s. Falls sich jemand finden sollte, einfach melden. Danke. Nebenbei baue ich einen Discord Server (RP Spieler Börse) auf für RP Freunde...
  4. dhi

    d i s c o v e r y | Strictly SFW Matrix-Style RP

    Any? No NSFW. It is one of my triggers. It is a matrix-style rp about a rebellion trying to break out of the matrix.
  5. Y

    SFW/NSFW Roleplay

    Greetings and Salutes, Liu Wright here. I am looking to role-play with a few individuals either if they are a furry or just a half breed or just a humanoid because my character is kind of a half breed and it definitely would be interesting to do some multi verse type of role-play. But anyway I...
  6. DariusTheLoony

    Cyberpunk RP

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, If you like futuristic aspects and want a great story to be made from it I would definitely want to role play with you. Is this is not a full-on sexual story as I've said this previously that if you are female I will maybe do lewd roleplay in it but it will be...
  7. S

    Looking for an inflation rp partner!

    Hi! I usually use Discord, icq and/or Telegram for roleplay, so if you use either of those and would like to have some fun, contact me! DISCORD: snowy-gliss#0711 ICQ: snowygliss TELEGRAM: @snowygliss
  8. PercyD

    Looking for some long term roleplays over Discord [Closed]

    I think I'll update my roleplay requests~. So I'm looking for some plot heavy rps on discord! My rps have been a little slow, lately, but I'm down to take on another. I'm currently interested in: 'Uncommon' species of furs and unlikely pairings Perhaps some sci-fi plots (Interesting)...
  9. CaregiverShade

    Long-term RP Buddies (NSFW)

    So, I'm interested in doing some "owo what's this" RPing with peeps on telegram. feel free to add me so we can have some "fun". ^//^ I'm mainly just looking for people who are able to RP as much as possible. (Don't randomly ditch me for long periods of time mid RP without giving an estimate on...
  10. CaregiverShade

    NSFW Telegram RP (longterm?)

    So, I'm interested in a couple different things. If one of them perks your interest, feel free to add me so we can have some "fun" I'm mainly just looking for people who are able to RP as much as possible. (Don't randomly ditch me for long periods of time mid RP without giving an estimate on...
  11. Simplyapanda

    Looking for 1 x 1 Roleplay Partners 18+

    Hi there! I am looking for a 1 x 1 roleplay partners ! As I miss roleplaying so much. It will be over teleagram so feel free to dm me for more info! My main Sona. Cassie is a Panda who is pansexual so she doesn't really care what species you are as long as she likes you. She is a submissive...
  12. Aria Retrowave

    Any male canines for rp?

    I'm looking for a male to roleplay with. Preferably canine and preferably someone whose literate or semi literate. Please no one liners Happy to play NSFW and via discord.
  13. Persephone-Moon

    The Roleplay Chronicles (Seeking Roleplay Partners)

    Hello everyone! A little bit about myself before I get into what I seeking here - I am 25 and have been roleplaying for about 12 years on and off. I am lit-advlit so expect a decent amount of writing on my end. Though my general rule is that I am a quality versus quantity sort of gal. So. If...