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roleplay forum

  1. Preston

    Looking for long term roleplayer!

    Things I don't do: Fetish RPs Sex RPs ( anything with sex, excluding for jokes, or for part of the storyline. ) God mode. invincibility. way too overpowered. overpowered. Things I love: Ghosts, haunted houses, depressing subjects therapy That's about all haha, my discord is Commissar...
  2. P

    Anthro/Furry RP (18+)

    Hey! I'm looking for an Anthro/Furry RP partner for a (hopefully) long-term RP. My character is homosexual so M/M only! I'd prefer an experienced RP partner (At least 5 sentences although I understand sometimes it's hard to respond with that much, so less is alright at times) I'd like the plot...
  3. Matt the Terrier

    Inflation RP, anybody?

    Anybody up for some inflation RP? I just felt like doing an inflation RP, because I haven't done one in ages. We could do it here in this thread, we could do it in PMs on here, we could do it through Notes on deviantArt, or we could do it on Skype if you so wish (shoot me a PM if you want to RP...
  4. retrovertigo138

    Looking for 1 on 1 literate RP

    Hello! I'm a new furry, but I've been doing roleplay for years. I'm open to all kinds of roleplay, I typically prefer fantasy, but anything goes with me. I'm looking to have a one on one, literate roleplay with fellow adults. I prefer not to roleplay with minors due to some themes that I enjoy...
  5. oven

    ♦ all-genre lgbtq+ roleplay forum invite ♦

    Peppersoap Comics is launching a barebones roleplay forum for active long-term roleplayers; original and fan characters, multi genre, lgbtq+ inclusive. AND YOU ARE INVITED. Because. We actually need users to like... be. Board and subforums still under construction, but if you and your...