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roleplay partner

  1. AsukaiFir3

    Baby fur looking to get into RP and find an RP partner (SFW)

    Hiiiii everyone, it’s Asukai, you can also call me Asui! <3 I am a baby fur that wants to get into furry RP and hopefully explore more of my newfound interest with someone (M or F is fine) of beginner or intermediate RP skill level. I have done lots of RP over the years, but my style is still...
  2. virgoberries


  3. F

    RP Partner (Search) - [German]

    In der Hoffnung, dass auch ein deutschsprachiger hier drüber stolpert. Ich suche noch einen netten RP Partner (Wolf / Dog) für intensivere Rp´s. Falls sich jemand finden sollte, einfach melden. Danke. Nebenbei baue ich einen Discord Server (RP Spieler Börse) auf für RP Freunde...
  4. Morteshi

    Long-term RP Partner (NSFW)(Closed)

    Hello all! A bit of summary of sharing of myself, I used to exclusively RP with my ex, but long story short, he was a *bleep*. After that, I tried looking for RP servers, but they were uh... pretty elitist. Then I tried to make my own, that didn't work out either. So, now I'm here, looking for a...
  5. AstroRey

    LF: Semi lit RP! Long term (18+)

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im a 25 year old non- binary folk looking for a long term roleplay fun. CURRENT PLOT IDEA: You are comfortably resting in your house when a sudden - loud - thud, followed by your bathroom courtain falling and breaking things on its way down caught your attetion...
  6. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    The Princess & The Demon Guard // // An Arranged Marriage

    The princess of a prosperous kingdom is to take on a personal guard after a failed assassination attempt shakes the kingdom. Even more, controversy occurs as a rookie knight-in-training rises to the challenge. The council surrounding the royal family is dubious of the pick, at best; the princess...
  7. SammieTheFoxie

    Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and Art Discord server

    A couple friends and I are putting together a Discord server called The Creative Cosmos. It's a server dedicated to sharing and promoting all forms of creative expression! Join the The Creative Cosmos Discord Server! We have a lot of things to do, including: > Free roleplaying of all kinds...
  8. Miss_Nova

    NSFW - Searching 1x1 rp partner(s)!

    I'm open to anything, so hit me up ~ I don't bite...hard I can do almost anything, I'm not picky expect I don't like to be dom so if there's somenone who wants that role ~
  9. Corrupted.Stars

    Lady Lookin' For RP Partners!

    I have a hard time finding roleplay partners, and I miss it dearly, so I figure this is worth a shot ^^; I'm a lady who's interested in other ladies, but also men, or just about anyone! I mean this in a friendly sense, and I'm down to RP with just about everyone. ERP wise, I'm fine with any...
  10. ZeracVulcanWhiteDragon

    Looking for a romantic and dominant RP partner to play with a cute dragon [NSFW]

    Hi! I’m Zerac! I’m an 18 year old male dragon looking for a wonderful RP partner! I am interested in males and females as well as any Anthro~ I’m interested in all types of bodies (except for hyper/unrealistic body proportions.) Im a submissive dragon who enjoys doing whatever I can to make sure...
  11. AlexanderMuffin

    Looking for casual modern anthro RP

    Hi, Just bored so I'd like to start an RP. I prefer it to be clothed anthro in a modern setting. Optional NSFW. Just one boundary: Absolutely No Violence whatsoever
  12. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Looking for a long term mate

    Greetings and salutations, it is only been a couple of days and I'm really enjoying my time here in furaffinity forum, but anyway I'm hoping that I can I can find a mate here. I know that a lot of people have lives outside of role play so I would like to try to find someone that is willing to...
  13. Amynta

    Looking for dom RP-Partner (NSFW)

    Good day everyone! First off, this isn't meant for me, but for a friend, who needs help with finding fitting RP-partners. He is looking for long-term RP-partners for kinky roleplays. He is only comfortable with playing as male, sub characters and is looking for either male or female dom...
  14. P

    looking for rp partner

  15. D

    Looking for someone open to a new experience!

    I want someone who is on the higher end of literacy in the English language, male or female is fine, and most preferably 18+ I want to invent a “steampunk” furry equivalent world which takes place in the mid-1800s London, England. I take the character role of a Westminster Presbyterian...
  16. K

    Looking for a partner for plotty rp with original worldbuilding(nsfw, mature/dark themes)

    I am looking for an rp partner over the age of 18 for an rp , someone who isn't uncomfortable with dark themes, and is willing to play a dominant role. I would prefer someone who is okay with playing MxM, MxF, and FxF because my plot will include all three at some point. We will start out on...
  17. PercyD

    Looking for an rp partner over Discord [FxF, FxM, Plot Based Mature RP]

    Eyo! =u=/ My name is PD and I'm looking for an rp partner via discord. I have a number of characters I want to play again. I'm also in the mood for FxF, and maybe some high fantasy stuff (think DnD type creatures and mythology). I'm really into species differences too.
  18. C

    Adventurer and dragon RP [fantasy] [adventure] [possible romance]

    so, i realize that this doesnt have to be fantasy themed, i suppose it could have many different themes. ill just use the character i had in mind for this here, and if anyone is interested in something else we could have a talk about it and see what we come up with :) now the general idea i...
  19. SaziSkylion

    Female Avian character seeks male character for long-term romantic rp, 18+

    I'm looking for an RP partner who is willing to throw around plot ideas and stick around for what I'm hoping to be well fleshed-out story. There will be romance, and hopefully conflict that will add depth to the story and the characters themselves. There will be kinks involved, specifically the...
  20. Preston

    Looking for long term roleplayer!

    Things I don't do: Fetish RPs Sex RPs ( anything with sex, excluding for jokes, or for part of the storyline. ) God mode. invincibility. way too overpowered. overpowered. Things I love: Ghosts, haunted houses, depressing subjects therapy That's about all haha, my discord is Commissar...