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roleplay rp

  1. silverwuffamute


    You live under tyranny, are punished with death for going against the ruling party, but you aren’t alone in these outlandish ideas. Many others are beginning to wake up and stand up against the oppressors with fists held high, you and others will plot and carefully execute terrorist attacks...
  2. silverwuffamute

    Story driven rp people needed

    I'm needing at least five to six role-players, for a big story driven roleplay that takes place in a future where the world is fading and resources are dwindling, a crew of these people will be sent to a decently discovered world in the far edges of the andromeda galaxy, but everything is not as...
  3. G

    Looking for regular partner - romance human womanxfurry male

    Hello, I am looking for regular RP and serious partners. Here are my ideas: 1. Triangle geek human woman x incestuous adoptive father (furry) x incestuous adoptive brother (furry) You will play father and brother. My character was adopted by the furries family after the war that was...
  4. Preston

    Looking to RP with my OC, Isaak!

    I can send ref, when asked, bit long story short, he has a learning disability which most call "retarded" PM me if interested! or reply :)
  5. C

    Furry Fallout RP [action / adventure / romance / nsfw?]

    I have this fallout roleplay idea involving my horse OC meeting yours and going on adventures and perhaps fall in love too. Nsfw is okay as long as it doesnt take over the whole thing, sex should make sense in the story and not just be there to be fap fuel imo. I will show pictures of him that...
  6. ThefriendlyFurry

    MLP: Humans in Equestria RP

    I'm almost 90% sure this counts as furry but I'm starting a side RP on Discord. The premise is a long term RP (Consisting of 2-3 arcs) based around a group of humans being thrown into Equestria and being forced to acclimate to the society as they desperately find a way to get home. Along the way...
  7. ThefriendlyFurry

    I'm looking for 3-4 long term RP partners.

    I've been meaning to start a 3-4 person Long Term RP because I need help storyboarding and keeping my mind healthy. If inserted pm me and I'll start a discord server. (1-2 females preferred but only 1 female partner is required) if we want we can add more partners if we want.
  8. CJO1098

    RP request

    I'm looking for a furry girl to do a roleplay with. I play a hypnotist who hypnotizes cute girls with a swinging pocket watch. I like to have the girl character be between 16 and 25. I also like to see the girl resist a little bit as I swing my watch but have her slowly fall under. I also like a...
  9. juiceboxbunny

    Looking for RP partners

    No longer looking