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  1. R

    Uncharted Space (Interstellar Pilot-based RP/Game!)

    Choose to command your own faction or take control of a canonical faction, and RP the civilization in the galaxy's sectors! Choose your faction or create a brand-new one, and have fun!!
  2. Brimaku

    Looking for NSFW or SFW RP (Discord)

    Hey there, I made a thread here quite a while ago and thought to renew it and see what happens. I'm looking for a NSFW or SFW RP partner. I have a few characters which I'm willing to show and talk through if you're interested! The first of my characters is featured on my profile icon, he's...
  3. Amegor

    Looking for an RP buddy!

    Hi! I was hoping to find someone that would be interested to RP with me. I don't have anything in mind plotwise, but i'd rather brainstorm with my RP partner on what plot to go with anyways. I'm looking to do this RP in DMs. I'll list down my preferences among other subjects regarding to what...
  4. S


    What kind of rp is allowed? And what's not allowed? Thanks if y'all leave a answer.
  5. lottie

    Looking for nsfw rp !

    Hello I'm here to ask if anyone was up for some NSFW rp ? I'm now to role playing so I'm pretty open to anything ^^ You can rp w me abt anything js as long as its NSFW lol. Add me on discord if you up for it ! Lottie#0519
  6. VaudevillianVillain

    NSFW Partners! (CLOSED)

    Heya everyone! Name's Vaude, and I am looking for some partners who are interested in NSFW-related roleplays! You can stick around for a long-term thread to go between us, or if you feel like diving into an RP that is not too lengthy, I vibe with the idea too. Down below are a couple of pointers...
  7. P

    Looking for a Roleplay partner

    Looking for someone to do an arganged marriage roleplay in this work I designed, I would like the roleplay to include some cnc, bdsm and other things! I will not be ok with scat or to much focus on feet Kosmos Thirio is a beautiful lush and fantastic mythical world of fantasy! mythical...
  8. Nova Ozuka

    Looking for Someone to RP With (SFW)

    So I'm looking for someone to rp with. Probably either one person or two people. I don't really have much of an idea of what I want to do exactly, but I figured we could pin that down in here. We might center it around a game or something. I don't know. As far as what I would want to see...
  9. VaudevillianVillain

    (CLOSED) Long-Term RP Partners (+18)

    Hello loves! I am on the search for some RP partners that are interested in a long-term romance/slice-of-life plot. The requests can be for both SFW and NSFW, and you are most welcome to ask any questions regarding plot points or what NSFW themes - only if you are requesting for an RP...
  10. Sodasats20

    Looking for gay rp (nsfw)

    I’m a male fox, looking for some people to degrade me with bondage. Anyone interested just dm.
  11. Sodasats20

    I wanna be dominated

    Can someone dominate me in nsfw rp please? I’ve only ever been the top Dm me if interested please!
  12. Sodasats20

    Nsfw rp (possibly long term)

    Pm me if interested, we’ll do it on there Looking for NEW nsfw rp partners People say I’m pretty fun ;3 see you around!
  13. Sodasats20

    Looking for long term rp partners (nsfw)

    We’ll do it in pms, if interested message me your -name -species -gender People say I’m really good, so I’ll be waiting ;)
  14. Sodasats20

    Looking for rp

    Looking for smut based rp to do in pm, my discord is being crappy Dm me your species and gender if interested I’ll reply soon, I don’t like to ghost people
  15. Sodasats20

    Looking for rp

    That’s my fursona My discord’s been crappy with me lately, so we’ll have to do it in dm Dm me your species/gender if interested If you wanna do nsfw that’s fine, but you’ll have to say that in your dm to me I’m looking for some post apocalyptic rp, maybe with some romance Once again,dm me if...
  16. Sodasats20

    Looking for nsfw rp partner, first come first serve

    Basically wanting to just do a smut rp Kinks I’m not okay with: one thing and one thing only: diapers(disgusting) Dm me your discord if interested
  17. helluvakink

    Looking For Longterm Partners (1x1 // possible NSFW)

    hello!! I'm interested in longterm RP partners for Discord RP. I'm not really looking for fandom RP outside of the furry fandom; I prefer OCs. I am an experienced roleplayer and have been writing in fandom RPs on Tumblr and Twitter for years. I am, however, new to Furry RP and would request some...
  18. virgoberries


  19. puppycorn

    18+ Discord Roleplay?

    Hello there! I'm looking to roleplay 1x1; anthro, pokemon, or object ocs; any gender or orientation! I can do SFW or NSFW; we can discuss kinks privately but I'm generally open to most things besides ABDL/scat/watersports. Due to anxiety I prefer to chat a little OOC here and there during the...
  20. fluidiity

    Paws, Claws, & Scales Community | Furry & furry supporters, friendly, & open!

    ✨ Hey there, Seren here! I am the owner of the Paws, Claws, & Scales Community Discord server, officially re-opened today! ✨ If you're interested in creating a fun space to share art, videos, cosplay/fursuits, memes, or maybe you enjoy gaming, streams, or just want to chill and make friends...