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  1. Paws the Gryphon

    Deeeeead Threeeead (zombie noises) :D

    (Nukes the thread from orbit, it's the only way to be sure) I no longer RP. Technically, never got to anyways, so I guess I never missed anything. Sorry. Is there a way I can delete this thread? :D
  2. dhi

    d i s c o v e r y | Strictly SFW Matrix-Style RP

    Any? No NSFW. It is one of my triggers. It is a matrix-style rp about a rebellion trying to break out of the matrix.
  3. HarlowVenus

    Looking for Longterm RP Partner

    Hiya everyone! My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is...
  4. HarlowVenus

    Looking for a Long Term RP Partner

    Hiya everyone! My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is...
  5. Bluefiremark II

    Open for some roleplays

    Hey all, I'm finally in a comfortable position in life to decide that I'd be willing to do some roleplaying again, be it adventurous, slice of life, or kinky- my main interest in that being macro, growth paw, no size limits, bigger the better.. Feel free to note me here, On FA or add me on...
  6. anonfoxer

    [Long Form RP][TransF4F][CLOSED]Sort of steampunk apocalypse type deal. (18+, Story Driven)

    Hello! Im looking for a one on one story driven roleplay, set in a universe where everything is very steam/cyberpunk ish, the world has fallen apart, and a government once democratic and fair has fallen into corruption and oppression as they mishandle every bit of the apocolypse, now leaving a...
  7. Sea_Salted

    Looking For RP Families!

    HI! I'm new to the forums, like really new! Like just set my account up tonight kinda new. ;w; BUT - I'm not new to Fur Affinity or roleplaying in general. I've been in the fandom about a decade now, and have been roleplaying just as long! I'm a 22/F looking for some roleplay families to join...
  8. Grayspine

    Looking for riding-RP?

    Heyo! Human boyo here looking for some people who might wanna do some RPs centered around riding? I'm not looking for anything too NSFW cause I'm Ace and that doesn't appeal to me, but I'm down to hear some fetish-y things you'd wanna do considering hell, I got fetishy things of my own that I'd...
  9. Duke The Blue Wolf

    Bored and looking for Roleplay

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for furry RP. Only looking to do 1-on-1 right now, but I could be open to adding more people as time goes on. I can stay SFW or go NSFW depending on your preference. (Though I'd like to avoid Scat, WS, and Hyper/Macro.) I'm relatively new to RP in general...
  10. C4theSlime

    [MxM] Straight and to the point

    I've done my fair share of RP adverts on here, but this time I'm keeping it short and simple. Here's what this is about: - I have multiple sona's/OC's (all males) that I can use, and would prefer you to play as a male character, preferably your own character (IRL gender does not matter to me, as...
  11. Duke The Blue Wolf

    Is this a bad idea?

    So I'm thinking about 1-on-1 furry RP, but before I start a thread looking for other RP-ers, I wanted to check with the community to see if I'm wasting my time.
  12. Jet Doggie

    Anyone have a sfw rp chat that is literate?

    I would like to roleplay in communities that are sfw and can be fantasy or non-fictional based. If it is 18+ I would only join if it is mature by reason of violence, fulgarity, swearing, and some adult themes are okay, but if the discussion constantly goes off topic and is more like a chatroom I...
  13. EchoFracture

    Seeking servers/groups + 1x1 partners!

    Hi forum friends! I'm a regular writer/roleplayer who has been in the scene for a little over 15 years now and am currently looking to expand my horizons. Like the title says I'm primarily searching for a group setting, either a discord server, a forum, something like that but I'm also down...
  14. Snipernoah11

    Looking For Digimon/Pokemon Vore RP Partners

    Hey, it's nice to see this forum open back up even though I barely use it. I'm just looking for some rp partners for some things i wanna do, be it a adventure or just a casual laying back at a home and interacting with people rp. Im open to ideas though i do have my likes and dislikes. But...
  15. xiardoruzo

    Join bellyjoyful server! [Fatfur, inflation, macro ... ]

    Bellyjoyful is a fictional restaurant but also a furry community we aim to -Bring together furries with various fetish.(Fat, Inflation, Macro, Toon, Fusion .... and others) -Bring together the furry Canadians a little scattered in the community. The community is not aimed exclusively at...
  16. KageKamonohashi

    [RP] Shift of Power

    Rules: This is obviously SFW, please keep it PG. I rather not have the mods mad at me. Godmodding is obviously not allowed unless specific actions are discussed and agreed to privately between players. Magic is ok, this is dragons after all, but try not to be too OP. Playing with a perfect...
  17. Gabriel Foxx

    Furry D&D, Among Us, Support Discord Server!

    Hello! Gabriel Foxx here, co-owner of the server Doppelfoxx, a multinational furry/support server with strong friendship and community in mind! We're looking for those that want company, those that want to give company, or absolutely anyone who wants somewhere to hang out and have a good time...
  18. KageKamonohashi

    Feral Dragon Rp [SFW]

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a few rp partners to do some SFW feral dragon rps (or drake or human if you prefer). I just ask that my partner type in the third person and at least try to write a few sentences per post. You don't have to be an amazing writer, but it makes it hard for me...
  19. Y

    SFW/NSFW Roleplay

    Greetings and Salutes, Liu Wright here. I am looking to role-play with a few individuals either if they are a furry or just a half breed or just a humanoid because my character is kind of a half breed and it definitely would be interesting to do some multi verse type of role-play. But anyway I...
  20. DariusTheLoony

    Looking for Roleplayers for my story

    Greetings ladies and germs , I'm looking to do a comedy NSFW role-play where it takes place in my created characters universe, understand that the role-plays that will be done I will be with my character and the character of your own choosing but I will not have my character doing any Boy's...