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  1. XionMonro

    (NSFW) mlp lewd romance?

    Hello! I'm hoping to find some one interested in starting something long term. I'm hoping to find a very lewd romance rp between either my mare, and either Celestia or Octavia as they are two of my favorite ponies, or your oc mare. Detail and post length are a must. I like huge posts, and will...
  2. RealTrashPanda

    Critique: Looking for Critique - Blue Stripes

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here and was hoping for some feedback on a new story I've been writing. It's the first chapter of a larger M/M romance story, SFW but with some adult language. The story is called Blue Stripes and follows Blue the tiger as he meets Kai, a bear, while he is studying at...
  3. XionMonro

    (NSFW) morgan mare seeks stallion

    I'm hoping to find some one with an anthro stallion who's maybe a farmer or something to rp and win over my anthro morgan mare, Bonnie. About Bonnie. She's a 25 year old tractor mechanic in a small farm town, shes kind of a punk out in public but she has a ton of plushies and loves to wear...
  4. Troika

    [NSFW] Big tigsky looking to become a big daddy~!

    This big tigsky wants to be a big daddy~ Who wants to the the courting dance of the big people and give him a big tummy of pups and kitten~? Kinks to be included: Mpreg (main kink), romance, heavy/extreme inflation (air, cum, other liquids), hyper play, growth (non-macro), forced...
  5. S


    New writer, spent about a week on this, any input is appreciated! It's a romantic drama centered around a fox and his comrades in the midst of war. pdf attached
  6. Jamiragon

    Critique: Request feedback for a Fantasy/Yaoi story

    Hi. I've been an FA member for quite some time and working on a graphic novel. I've also started writing prose (not for the first time, so I do have some experience with writing) featuring new characters. The characters are furry... more or less. They're all human/animal hybrids, like...
  7. Vinfang

    Free Art: Valentine's Day Surprise Date {closed}

    I am offering up a free slot on Valentine's Day. This time I am setting up one (or more) lucky bastard to go on a date with my hunky beast, 鬼哭. 1. Species 2. Gender 3. Sfw / Nsfw 4. Body Pose 5. Personality The Rules No more than two characters. My arts are for personal use only. I will...
  8. XionMonro

    Dick girl insect seeks anthro stallion

    Looking for an ongoing, well written rp with good post length and LOTS of lewd scenes!!! About me: I enjoy a lot of detail in my posts, my average post length, given my partner can match it, usually tops out at 4 paragraphs with a lot of detail thrown in. I’m usually online as my work lets me...
  9. R

    Looking for a sweet loving Macro Dominant

    Hi there I'm a sub femboy and I'm looking for a dominant (+18 for possible NSFW) who would be willing to RP as my Macro dominant in a romance setting. if you are interested please let me know.
  10. XionMonro

    Long term, story based lewd romance with paw fetish!

    So I’d love to get something going with my venkat fursona, I’ll post a picture of him. He’s fairly easy going and not the most smooth guy around but he’s cute and he’s funny. Looking to get something going with a a dragon, shark, raptor, stuff like that... scalies. Prefer a female, m2f trans...
  11. Banjo Saturnus

    SFW Literate Romance

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to do a literate, romance based rp with one of you lovely people on here. I am comfortable with MxF and MxM predominantly. I have both sub and dom characters of both genders, though most of mine are quite complex and their personality changes. As far as plot, I like...
  12. XionMonro

    Seeking a princess celestia/daybraker rp!

    seeking an ongoing lewd romance with a princess celestia, or daybraker rper, possibly nightmare moon or Luna. I have a blue unicorn if I’d love to use for this, and am very capable of doing well over a paragraph of text, up to around 5 or 6 paragraphs per post. Anyone interested?
  13. Paintedfoxy

    NSFW romance and manipulation/ drama RP

    hello, I’m looking to do a medium to long RP. I am looking for a male dom to play opposite of me. The basic premise is that I have just been dumped by my GF for cheating and my Ex has devised a long con. You would play a person who I will meet for the first time and you will be tasked with...
  14. Sage Sylvaine

    Critique: A fox falls in love with a dangerous feral wolf

    Hey All, I am looking for critique on my first real piece of "furry" writing (though by far not my first piece of writing). I am planning to submit it for publication in June. It's pretty tame as far as romances go, certainly within a PG-13 rating if not PG. Here are the details: Russell And...
  15. CptnSpiffy

    What type of RP would you like to 'see'?

    First off, hello! As like many others who poke their heads to the RP side of FA's forums I want a good RP so that I can let my creative build up come out! Other sites I have just done the usual, either joined a current ongoing one and molded a character from scratch to fit or I would attempt...
  16. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    A Dragon's Guide (FxF Longterm RP)

    The bar is in quite the pickle, after recent events. Their bar singer, a young woman, was recently the victim of a drunken assault at the prestigious bar and gentleman's club, "Thorn's Garden." Having known the owner for a while, Mildes immediately rejected pressing charges against the...
  17. Zehlua

    Seeking Roleplayers! Carnival Disco Party!

    SEEKING: Comedy, romance, NSFW, and fursona RPers, as well as kind folks who like to chat and make friends! GENRES: Modern, fantasy, sci fi, romance, comedy, slice of life, erotic STORY: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, one wild nightspot reigns surpeme... Club Nocturne is a disco...
  18. GrimnCoyote

    The first chapter of my gay romance story

    Calming the Blood of a Warrior, a furry action gay romance story - GrimnCoyote - Wattpad This took about a day to create the cover art and write the first chapter so tell me what you think.I plan on updating it either once or twice a week depending on my mood.
  19. ZeracVulcanWhiteDragon

    Looking for a romantic and dominant RP partner to play with a cute dragon [NSFW]

    Hi! I’m Zerac! I’m an 18 year old male dragon looking for a wonderful RP partner! I am interested in males and females as well as any Anthro~ I’m interested in all types of bodies (except for hyper/unrealistic body proportions.) Im a submissive dragon who enjoys doing whatever I can to make sure...
  20. arctophily

    (Commission) Selling: (starting at $5) sfw/nsfw writing commissions, games

    hello there! i'm arctophily, and i've had several years' worth of writing experience through a variety of mediums, both sfw and nsfw. having spent a good amount of time making my own fantasies a written reality, now i'd like to do the same for you! while i am most comfortable writing original...