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  1. arctophily

    (Commission) Selling: (starting at $5) sfw/nsfw writing commissions, games

    hello there! i'm arctophily, and i've had several years' worth of writing experience through a variety of mediums, both sfw and nsfw. having spent a good amount of time making my own fantasies a written reality, now i'd like to do the same for you! while i am most comfortable writing original...
  2. Zehlua

    Club Nocturne: Disco Carnival

    Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, Friendship, Slice of Life, Erotic. Can be casual and short-term or involved and long-term, depending on your play preference. Story: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, a wild and funky dance club opens its doors to the creatures of the...
  3. ash♤Feliz

    looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona.

    i'm looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona. i'm trying to get back into Rp. if your interesting send me a pm on or dm on discord and we can discuss what plot and ideas for the rp . my discord is Ash #3839.
  4. Paintedfoxy

    MxM NSFW romance RP vid discord

    hiya! Wanna RP? I’m looking for another guy who wants to do a NSFW romance RP with my bunny boi. He’s a very shy and stubborn bunny who hides his urges and is afraid to come out as gay because he’s never been with a guy. In the RP there would be a good bit of sexual encounters as he has always...
  5. Paintedfoxy

    School for masters and slaves (MxM NSFW)

    hiya! I’m looking for an RP partner that would like to do a fairly long RP. It doesn’t have to be 100% NSFW and I would love to add some romance to it as well. The basic outline would be that mine and your character would be admitted to a school where on the first day for freshmen everyone is...
  6. XionMonro

    Seeking long term mlp rp partner NSFW

    Seeking a long term mlp rp partner as my last one did not work out. I am hoping to find some one with either a mare or stallion oc for an ongoing NSFW, romance alive for life rp, who will be a lover for my mare character. I would like to do it over discord or telegram if we could. I ask that...
  7. Kamenriderfire

    Looking for a female RP partner for Medieval RP {NSFW dark themes political intrigue]

    Looking for someone interested in a long-term role-play who enjoys world-building, a good mix of plot and sexual themes. Dark and twisted plot elements and who can commit to at least multiple posts a day either here or through discord. [Starter idea included though this doesn't have to be what...
  8. bookfangeek

    Illustration YCH Auction

    So! In order to practice backgrounds, I've decided to do weekly illustration YCHs in order to make the process a little more fun! Here is this week's! - I will draw human AND anthro! - I will NOT draw any sort of nudity! If you character doesn't wear clothes, but you can't see any genitals, I...
  9. Lupus Pistris

    Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins available now!!!

    I'm excited to announce a new series of books, a space saga, Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins is available now at Amazon for Kindle download or borrows. Synopsis: Tyler Marcum, a decorated soldier with the U.S. Army is selected to participate in a top secret program where an international...
  10. Otterman89

    Looking for NSFW RP

    I'm looking for someone to RP with as my human self. (MALE) NSFW with some SFW. I'll do preferably Hyena, any kind of canine, lizard, bat (non-vampire), any kind of avian and gryphon, but will take any species. I'll do with male or female, anthro or feral. I'd love to do stuff like being...
  11. Simo

    Would you rather date Bigfoot, or The Loch Ness Monster?

    OK, let's say these existed, and you HAD to date one, or the other. What one would ya choose, and why? And The Loch Ness Monster can be an antro-version, if you like, as far as monsters go... Myself, I'd date an anthro Loch Ness Monster...bigfoot seems too much like a threadbare Chewbacca, or...
  12. Micshork

    Furry and Dating

    Hello. I wanted to create this thread for two purposes. One, to ask for my own personal advice from people, and Two, to help others who might have this problem and might want to discuss this issue with each other. I want to hear how YOU (The reader of this post) maintain a Healthy relationship...
  13. 2oodles

    Looking for a mate

    Hi there, I'm a mortician. I don't really get a lot of people interested in me because of my profession. They think I'm some weird crypt keeper. Just looking for someone to have fun with and take my mind off of death.
  14. Zehlua

    Making Love Interests for a Game!

    I'm designing love interests for an anime-inspired furry dating game. 1. What are the hottest personality traits and types? 2. What anime tropes do you love and which ones do you hate? 3. What are the most attractive cat and dog species?
  15. volkenfox

    The Pirate's Fate: A Furry VN out on Steam

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a project I just completed for those of you looking to either play more PC games with anthro characters, The Pirate's Fate: A Transformation Visual Novel. Check us out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/553480/The_Pirates_Fate/ Come sail the Pirate's Fate...
  16. Valin

    Furry Romance Webcomic!!

    Hey! I'm currently making a webcomic called Anomalous and was hoping you'd check it out! It's a romance comic between two childhood friends! I started this comic a long while ago, so the drawings and script in the beginning aren't as good in terms of quality in comparison to more recent pages...
  17. XionMonro

    Mlp ongoing rp partner(s) wanted 18+

    Seeking some one who might be interested in a long term ongoing romance/adventure/slice of life mlp role play. Most likely will contain a good bit of nsfw. I have sevaral characters and can even aid in designing you a character if you desire as I am a digital artist. As far as setting and...
  18. F

    Male character seeks strong Female Character for long term romantic RP 18+

    I do not care what sex/gender/etc you happen to be, only that you can competently play an aggressive strong female. Romance and falling in love are going to be part of the RP. Conflict in their situation that would push them apart. Bravery, Kissing, Hugging, massages, and all the more intimate...
  19. M


    My story is about a couple of female furries getting dumped by their furry bfs when they find out she's pregnant. When they get new apartment buddies, who are humans, love blooms.
  20. M

    I need a CO-WRITER

    I have two stories in mind to write or have began writing: One is a slice of life story where five teen humans get teleported to a furry only universe. Two is a supernatural high school romance and adventure story. More details on this story if interested. Same goes for the other story. HMU ASAP