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  1. Grimm Hund

    Romantic Sub-Plot VS Dramatic Main Plot

    When you combine a romance plot and dramatic or a danger plot, what is the best way to balance it out? Take Superman and Lois Lane for example. When we find Lois in peril, Superman confronts the bad guy and saves her so they can be together. If he were to fail, Lois would be dead. Now...
  2. Messenger-Pigeon

    Valentine's YCH [OPEN - 4 slots]

    The pose can be changed! But it will cost an extra $5 Tell me what pose you want and I'll sketch it out. Payment doesn't have to be sent until After you ok the sketch! The finished image will be the same quality as the example. This is supposed to be a Valentine's Day YCH. I don't think I can...
  3. FluffyChuck91

    $25 Valentines YCH Commissions

    Alrighty then! Time for something different! Love is in the air, which means Valentine's is near! Whats YCH? It stands for Your Character Here, which means i can draw your characters in the same poses as these stand-ins. They can be any size, shape, gender, species or color. This can make for a...
  4. Honeypaw

    Cupid/Valentine's Day YCHs

    This is my first time on the forums, so sorry in advance for any slip ups! I've opened a flat-priced YCH for some sweet, cherubic cupid YCHs! They will be lined and shaded with a simple button-style backdrop with a pretty, painterly cloud scheme for extra romance. Some liberties will be taken...
  5. TikTikKobold

    Writing Short Story Commissions, $6.5/500 words. Erotica, Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance

    Hello! I am Tik Tik and I have been posting my work on Furaffinity for about a year now. My work includes things in the swords and sorcery fantasy genre, slice of life romance, adventure, horror, and overall erotica. Feel free to check out my profile (linked above) for example (all are either...
  6. A

    Seeking Romance RP

    Welcome one and all! My name is Amy, and I'm looking for a partner for something of a romance rp! I'm not looking for a lot, and considering I'll be moving in a few days, I may not be able to do a whole lot myself; but I still want something to look forward to. Below, I'll place a form for you...
  7. Rocketeer Raccoon

    Would a romance between a Raccoon and a Snake work?

    Well I'm not sure how to ask this but you see I'm trying to write a story about my Rocketeer Raccoon story of a young slender raccoon called Rudy who gains a jet-pack to save the world and he also has a girlfriend called Sarah but she is a snake, the naga sort. Rudy - www.furaffinity.net...
  8. F

    Pluto and I - 2 Different Commissions

    Pluto and I Under the Stars (SFW) Price Range: $60-$150+ (Willing to go a little higher, depending on the quality offered. This commission means a lot to me.) Must be able to: Provide excellent details to the entire picture - background, colors, expressions, fur, etc. Draw humans. This is a...
  9. knowmass

    Sub girl looking for 1v1 NSFW romantic rp!

    I will look and read over everyones PM's! <3 please please PLEASE send more than a "hi lets rp" Tell me what fetishes you share and what characters you have :)! :lol: the more detailed the more interested i could be! but dont go crazy and write me a book on your first message! also please...
  10. Dvalin

    Neon in the Streets: Skylines N (SFW)

    A basic roleplay that I'm hosing on RPnow.net, if you want the link to the chat room then send me a pm. You must have an OC at the ready, also when you're in the pm to get the link send me your OC bio so I can look him/her/zir/zim/them over before beginning. That's all for now
  11. M

    Anthro RP (possible TF and maybe some romance too)

    Just any plot driven RP. Only anthros allowed, a ref would be best. Either here or discord.
  12. Grimm Hund

    Single Male Dragonborn...

    I'm looking for a female D&D player. We play 5e in a campaign structured around a West Marches campaign. I guess this is me asking for someone to RP as a female dragonborn? Color doesn't exactly matter and your class is all up to you. What I'm looking for is someone to RP as my Dragonborn's...
  13. flyingbannanna

    Slice of Life RP M/F with romance and/or smut

    Hello. So, I'm just looking for the basics here, nothing too fancy. I'll be using my character Max, ref sheet is here. Basic setting: He runs a pretty successful music store downtown. He sells anything from guitars to orchestral instruments, and also supplies rental equipment to the local...
  14. Shawn Matthias Howlsey

    Looking for long term romantic RP partner

    Hello, everyone. My name is Shawn Matthias Howlsey, and I am looking for a long term romantic RP partner. I got all summer to do RPing, and I'd like to have a partner to do romantic RP with. Here are some details: Fursona: Shawn Matthias Howlsey. Species: Fox. Gender: Male. Preferences: SFW...
  15. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need Romance Shot

    ok so I have 3 characters in one relationship and I would like a belly up photo of the three of them it's a request or a trade as I'm a writer and will write a story for the art. If interested please reply and I'll send you a message to explain the photo in more details.
  16. Akinyi

    New Girl Romance Furry Comic

    I'm releasing a new comic called 'Ample Time' about two girls in a college setting. It's available for free on my patreon and Tapastic! Follow me on patreon to see it as it comes out. Ample Time Front | e Pon on Patreon Ample Time | Tapas
  17. C

    Crimeworld romance! [Regular guy dates a mobster/gangleader RP!]

    hey hey! So i got this RP idea in my head that involves a regular guy getting into a situation that is totally out of his world and gets together with a "bad" person. basically im thinking its gonna be a mix of slice of life, romance, nsfw and humour. though im not aiming for this t be a FUNNY...
  18. C

    wanting to do a"roman meets tribe" type roleplay

    So ive been having an idea for a roleplay where my charater is a "Roman" type soldier character who, flees through a forest or such, bleeding, hurt, and ends up finding refuge amongst a tribe of people who takes him in. so your character would be one of these tribesmen/tribeswomen. our...
  19. A

    Looking for Long-Term RP partner, preferably on F-List

    F-list - Warning I think it is now the time that Alex (my character) began the search for someone to call his own once again. I'm searching for literate RPers for a long-term romance, where the plot is simply my character and yours meeting and forming a relationship that could develope into...
  20. VAF

    Anybody down for a M/M Romance rp?

    i'm hoping for someone who can please post more than an incomplete sentence, and is interested in a romance rp. this is my character, not the best reference, but i'll make a better one soon: www.furaffinity.net: Sage Reference Sheet by VAF if you're interested, send me a message :)