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  1. LukaAmero

    Gay Romance Anyone? :3

    I'm looking for a literate roleplayer interested into making a romance between my bunny and some kind of carnivore considering they would normally be a meal. www.furaffinity.net: My Adopted Character~<3 by LukaAmero This is my character Tafer a little cutie if I do say so myself. Please...
  2. P

    Finding someone that's okay with your weirdness

    Hey, so in a few months I'm going to really make myself available for dating for the first time in my life. Problem, I don't know how I'm gonna find someone who is either a furry or is cool with me being a furry. Not even just that, I'm bisexual, biologically male (weirdly a deal breaker for a...
  3. Spazzlez

    Tips for dating?

    Well you know what they say? Ask the awkward antisocial for love advice! Jokes aside, I was wondering if any of you lovely bastards got any tips. (P.s. This is not the first place I've asked, just so you know.)
  4. violetwood

    Poly Furs

    Are there any Poly furs in this community or ethical non-monog?