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room split

  1. Throwaway

    Looking for roommates for AQF.

    I have a reward that gives me a free stay. PM me if you'd like to join me.
  2. E

    Two Spots open at the DoubleTree for Anthrocon 2019

    Hello, it is the first time I am hosting a room for a convention, and I have two spot left at the DoubleTree, the stay is from Thursday the 4th to Sunday morning the 7th. I am seeking $105 for each spot for the whole stay. They can both be bed spots, so if that is something you deem necessary...
  3. K

    Looking for 1 or 2 MFF(MidwestFurfest) 2017 Roommates

    Hey I'm looking for mff roommates for 2017. I'll be going this year. I'm nice, hygienic, friendly and, a night owl. And idk if I'd be going over to his room or his to mine but Kero the Wolf and I will be recording a musical collaboration for the fandom at mff. I hope that's ok on the chance kero...
  4. StingReyFox

    Anthrocon 2017 Room-Sharing...

    (Prior message: Maryland area. It helps.) I know this is way early but, currently I'm trying to get some people to help a friend of my to even the hotel cost at Anthrocon 2017, before January 1st for discounts. If any early birds are interested in room-sharing to cut down costs, please PM or...