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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Snuggle / Cuddle Rooms at Cons?!

    It is now only one month until RDMC, a smaller 18+ furry event near me! www.reddeerminicon.ca: Home Last year, for the furst time, they had a snuggle room set up! It'll likely be back this year! It opened after breakfast, and went till 2 AM, closing for meals and planned events! Basically...
  2. M

    Double room open for EF 14th-18

    Hello I have a double room to give away for eurofurrence because I got one in the estrel. When: 14th from 3pm till 18th 11am What: double room at Motel Plus Berlin with the option of a sleeping couch if needed so 2-3 ppl. How much: 419€ without breakfast for everything. Please contact me...
  3. Ashwolves5

    MTV Cribs... but with Furry Stuff?

    I've been wanting to see what other furry households/rooms are like. I feel like my house is an immediate aura of furry as you come in. Actually.... I have stuff in the garden too; all foxy. I may make some content on all of it later to share. Right now though, I want to see all of your...
  4. Ashwolves5

    Offer closed

    Had a lot of responses, currently taken. If anything falls threw will reopen. Room for one or two people! -SFW room -This is for bed space at the main hotel -Must be clean and respectful. -Asking 85 for one roomie or 64 each if two roomies. Deposit needed at least a week before the con on...
  5. M

    Antrocon 2019 Looking for roommates

    Anyone going to AC and needs a room? www.furaffinity.net: ANTHROCON -- morpheuskibbe's Journal Drop me a line please. I'm a regular attendee and would like to split the hotel bill a bit.
  6. Ashwolves5

    Room mate wanted for pine fur con

    me and my fiancé are looking for a room mate for pine fur con 2018 We will be doing Dealers room and going to bed at a decent time and get up early each day. Preferable looking for a fellow dealer or a fellow artist maybe trying to AA. We have not reserved a room yet but will be soon unless some...
  7. T

    Looking for Roommates for MFF 2018!

    Yea I know, asking about it right before the 2017 show, ahaha.... I'm in need of splitting hotel costs at Midwest Furfest next year! I'm going to try selling there for the first time, and the hotel costs are a little pricey. It's going to be my mother an I, and I'd prefer other girls in the...
  8. Decae

    Looking for Background/Room Artist(s)

    Hello! I am the new Owner of Junkyard Dogs, a 2D Graphical Chatsite via the Chatlands. As I am starting over from nearly scratch, I am in need of an Artist, or multiple Artists - who enjoy creating FULLY COLORED Backgrounds/Rooms! Given that the theme of the Chat is "Junkyard", I am looking for...
  9. Hulex

    Furpocalypse 2016: Room Needed for One

    Hey so I'm a bit desperate at this point to have this squared away, posting here for maximum visibility. I usually have a room squared away for this con but several balls have been dropped. I have two fursuits (one full, one partial) but I'm not really planning on bringing a ton of stuff. Bed...
  10. SpunSugar

    Anthrocon: Room Space Available At Marriott Pittsburgh City Center

    I have a room available at the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center. The room is for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday(checking out on Sunday). The room is $132 per person. I have 2 slots left remaining. Here are the rules: You must be AT LEAST 18 years old. I prefer someone at least 21, but 18 is...
  11. Nemnth

    Need Ac 2016 roomies

    EDIT: I have found people to room so this is now closed! _____________________________ This is my first time posting here so excuse me if I'm doing this wrong. I have a room available for the July 1st thru July 3rd in the DoubleTree Inn. There will be 2 standard beds, and the room is a...
  12. spectre626

    Looking for a room at the Hyatt for MFF this year.

    So, I'm 28, male. Will be driving to MFF this year, got a buddy, 35, female. She's gonna be suiting, I'll be volunteering. We need a room. Happy to share a bed, or I'll take the floor. But we'd love a spot. We're both super relaxed folks. I'll be volunteering most of the con, she's hoping to do...