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  1. S

    Need Friends for Midwest Furfest 2019

    Hello, my name is Michael. I am attending MFF this year and have no furry friends to spend time with. If anyone is interested in having an extra friend then let me tell you about myself. I'm a 20 year old male, very chill, and just want to have a fun time. This is also my first furry convention...
  2. L

    2 Double Bed room for 2019 Mff

    The room can be in either the Hilton O'Hare airport which is nine minutes away from the convention hall or for a cheaper option the Comfort inn about 15 away. The Hilton is $155 per night while the Comfort inn is $119 per night. My boyfriend and I plan on getting there on the 4th because we are...
  3. SkyeWilde

    Looking for room space BLFC 2018

    hey, I'm skye coming from San Diego, I'm looking for room space for BLFC, I'll be there for the whole con. No fursuit as of right now, and I don't take much space. I've been to cons before, so I know how to behave and act. I do plan on bringing a supply of alcohol to share.
  4. K

    Looking for 1 or 2 MFF(MidwestFurfest) 2017 Roommates

    Hey I'm looking for mff roommates for 2017. I'll be going this year. I'm nice, hygienic, friendly and, a night owl. And idk if I'd be going over to his room or his to mine but Kero the Wolf and I will be recording a musical collaboration for the fandom at mff. I hope that's ok on the chance kero...
  5. Jinrou

    LF Place to Live w/ Other Furs!

    I would have posted this in room shares but that seems more for temporary stay via conventions and not for actual apartment searches. Sorry if this isn't the right thread. I really need to find a new place to live but before that I wanted to see about making some friends in the community...