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rp ad

  1. shetaizettai

    NSFW Osmosis Jones RP

    Anyone interested in an Osmosis Jones universe RP involving the City of Frank's reproductive system? NSFW / MxM or MxF / Cannot RP with minors, obviously.
  2. Thatguywholikesfood

    Searching For NSFW PMD Rp DMs!

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for Dms for a reasonably large PMD rp! NSFW, with lots of different kinks such as corruption, hypnosis etc! We've got quite a unique design for the RP, allowing secrets to happen, along with continuing rp with a DM, without requiring the whole server to be...
  3. D

    Looking for new rps!

    Specifically nsfw (Must be 18+) rps, but that doesn't mean I don't like a good story! I've got a character in mind that I'd really like to use, and while I do love being the submissive I'm mainly looking for us each to switch/no role a bit as well! I'm also really craving some...
  4. Alaricat

    Looking for a long term rp partner for plot based rp

    Hello! I've been looking into doing a rp, preferably well written (aka no *licks u*), the plot would be in medieval times with magic and different fantasy races and of course anthros and some shape shifters. I would be playing as my character Kestrel, a lazy hawk-cat shifter whos trying to find...
  5. B

    Searching for an rp partner. Preferably female for NSFW stuff.

    Hello there As the title suggests, I am currently looking for a partner to rp a little. Setting would be agreed upon in dms, yet I am open for a lot of settings, be it clasical or dark fantasy, sci fi or something more ground based. The only requirement is that either there is a half decent...
  6. D

    LF Rp partners!

    Hi! I'm mainly looking for nsfw rp/erp, though I certainly don't mind a bit of plot, I'd at most like 50/50, so you must be 18+! I'm perfectly fine with feral/anthro/human/etc, so if you have an idea, don't be afraid to share! I'm also up for any fandom I know (And maybe some I don't know, if...
  7. Space_Din0saur

    Looking for Mature RP Partners and Friends!

    Hello, my name is Kira. This post is fairly long, but I'll try to be as direct as possible! Basically, I am looking for a partner interested in detailed, long-term RP. I enjoy posts which are more than a few sentences long, preferably even a paragraph or two (i.e., posts that contain in-depth...
  8. EchoFracture

    Seeking servers/groups + 1x1 partners!

    Hi forum friends! I'm a regular writer/roleplayer who has been in the scene for a little over 15 years now and am currently looking to expand my horizons. Like the title says I'm primarily searching for a group setting, either a discord server, a forum, something like that but I'm also down...
  9. Ravit

    [Open] Looking for some Weight gain/Inflation RP

    Hello there! I'm looking for meanwhile a few years, and I'm kinda unable to find people / or at least someone who is really interested in weight gain (and similar) stuff. Usually, roleplay stuff I'm mainly looking for is weight gain (obviously), hyper, vore, popping, un/willing, and also...
  10. E

    looking for roleplay partners/friends

    redacted, making a new post.
  11. C

    Furry RP Discord Servers?

    Uh, hey. Sorry if this question gets posted a lot. I'm a new fur, whose primarily interested in writing and making stories about my furry OCs. In particular, I like RPing with other people, making a collaborative story that everyone contributes a little bit to. Well, that, and I love seeing...
  12. DemiRabis0

    Looking for new friends and RP partners!

    Hey there! My name is Demi Rabis. I'm a genderfluid giant mutant locust chimera called an ortha, in a biologically female human suit. Now that introductions are out of the way... Now I would prefer to RP with my OCs, but if you wanna RP with a new set of characters we can do that as well, I'm...
  13. Led The bunny

    Bunny boy looking for RP partner~! 18+ Gay~!

    Hello any and all~! I am a very lovable, affectionate and sexual bunny boy~! I love making friends and it's even better when those friends want me bent over and have my head between their legs~! I am gay just so there is no misunderstandings there! I am open to feral, and shemales as well...
  14. ≫ ρıgєση ≪

    [F4A, NSFW] Looking for RP partner

    Hey there, I am a horny female looking to RP if anyone's interested. I am bi-curious, so I'm find with any gender as a partner. I perfer playing feral characters, but I'm also down to play anthros too. Humans are not exactly perferred, but I can also do that as well. I can play most species, and...
  15. Twinklesper

    RP with me? ♡

    hello there! i'm looking for some rp partners. i mostly enjoy rps with nsfw and adult themes, so no underage people here, please! i'm a literate/semi-literate roleplayer (and, don't worry, i use caps correctly when i'm roleplaying) and would prefer the same from my partners. though i love nsfw...
  16. TheXenoGamer

    Looking for NSFW long term rp partners!

    I really need to get back into roleplaying again so I’m looking for maybe 1-3 rp partners to roleplay with! What I’m looking for: Semi literate-literate Story driven 3rd person since I mainly rp in 3rd person NSFW Im big fan of story driven roleplays as it helps my characters story and...
  17. C

    (18+) Looking for someone to Roleplay with

    Hey there. I was hoping to find someone here who was willing to rp with me. I'm fine with any gender and any anthro species, as well as humans, though no bestial stuff. I also am a huge fan of weight gain, hypnosis and force feeding. Though I'm willing to try out other fetishes if they don't go...
  18. shetaizettai

    Cave of Wonders / Tiger Head

    So I'm looking for an RPer who would be willing to rp a NSFW plot as the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin with an life-sized anthro or human male. I'm sure you're asking how that would work. Well that's exactly what I'd be willing to discuss. Please reply if you're interested in doing something...
  19. shetaizettai

    Looking for a horny male Venusaur (18+ Rpers)

    Anyone who's interested in playing a male Venusaur who is in heat and would like to cross boundaries and penetrate their male trainer? Other possible scenarios: Macrophilia: A giant venusaur who would like to roll around is trainer inside his mouth like rare candy Mouth-play: A trainer taking...
  20. B

    Looking for Dominant Toriel

    Hi! I’m looking for someone to play a detailed, dominant, and cruel Toriel Dreemurr. I have a bunch of kinky ideas in mind and I’d love to RP with others. I’d prefer to do this over discord or forums. Let me know if you’re interested!