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rp ad

  1. shetaizettai

    The Cave of Wonders / Tiger Head

    So I'm looking for an RPer who would be willing to rp a NSFW plot as the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin with an life-sized anthro or human male. I'm sure you're asking how that would work. Well that's exactly what I'd be willing to discuss. Please reply if you're interested in doing something...
  2. B

    LF: roleplays and whatever other nonsense.

  3. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    This will be a group for people over the age of 18 age verification required, it'll be hosted on discord. The station was peaceful and quiet for the most part, only the occasional brawl would break out in the bar. The Ubasa family made sure of that. the hotel was a hot bed for criminal meet...
  4. ZrinX

    Now hiring: literally anyone.

    Hi, I'll try to keep this brief as I'm sure most people don't want to read a wall of text. I'm looking for people to roleplay with. Guy or gal doesn't matter to me. I tend to lean more toward the SFW side of things. I'm not adverse to it, but I'd rather it not be the focus of any roleplays. I...
  5. ludens

    looking for a longterm rp partner.

    hiya, I'm looking for somebody to rp with, preferably just one person, longterm, through discord. I have a certain character I'd like to use, and I'd like to see other's characters. My character is a dragon named Cypress, he's an absolute bottom. Whomever is to rp with me should be 18+ and...
  6. G

    looking for a long term Rp partner

    So yeah iv been trying to find someone to rp with for ages but so far iv had zero luck hoping posting something here might get me better luck. So my fetishes are mostly macrophillia and paw related but i do have a load more heres a link to my F list page. if you like what you see and are...
  7. PoPoZo

    Hello im new to these forums and the furry fandom! Im a husky named PoPoZo!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it i really wanna flesh out myself in fur form and really really wanna RP to do that! Would anybody be game for something like that or to just help me around the forum im finding it pretty hard to get into. :(
  8. A

    lf nsfw-ish pokemon or nsfw-ish roleplays

    hi, posted here some weeks ago and didn’t get too many interested so posting again to see if I can get any hits on this roleplay ad ive got here. im a tad bit picky so don’t feel down if I feel like we don’t align or whatever. id just prefer people on the same page as me honestly (also don’t...
  9. F

    Looking for a fatal, 18+ Adult, M/M vore rp starring Spyro's Dragon Dads

    I am into a lot of detail and stuff, but I am prey as heck. I usually play on discord, but also eka's, f-list, and maybe sofurry, and have some pretty hardcore stuff in mind. Stuff I can't detail here. DM for details, and / or add me on discord: Jett Cabino#7300 Or ask for any of my other...
  10. MoonBabChris

    Looking for RP Partner (Longterm/ABDL/Babyfur)

    A pretty standard "looking for" post. I'm looking for someone to RP with, obviously. Specifically someone who's literate in their writing and willing to take on the caretaker role, though I'm willing to switch it up from time to time. Of course I'm not closed off to other kinds of RP, I'm...
  11. FableElwood

    (18+) Looking for a Discord RP Partner (M/M) (Longterm)

    Hey yall, I'm a literate roleplayer that only peaks his head out to roleplay every once in a blue moon on this site, so you'll have to forgive my informality in this post. See, I'm looking for a partner that would be willing to do a longer-term roleplay on discord or telegram. On those...
  12. Kleimander

    Looking for a rp via discord (diapers and bondage)

    Hello let there. I'm looking for a noncon diaper and bondage rp on discord with a cute furry, Digimon or Pokémon with story. If you're in my discord is DerKleiber#5397. I can play Dom and Sub but I'm more in the sun mood but this changes quite often
  13. shetaizettai

    Looking for someone willing to rp KENAI

    Kenai from “Brother Bear” NSFW - Yes Micro/Macro (Giant Kenai) - Yes Soft Vore - Yes Mouth Play / Dentist - Yes
  14. GhostIndeedee

    Looking for a private Pokemon RP

    Hey! Looking to start up a casual private pokemon rp. Sorry for wanting it private, but I'm a bit shy, and I don't mind if it gets NSFW, so it's a bit safer. Would prefer feral. Let this Indeedee know if you're interested! Thanks!
  15. A

    looking for mxf roleplays (sfw/nsfw)

    hi, posting here cuz ive been doing a lot of mxm type stuff lately and wanna do something more with mxf roleplays. just because I want to change things up a bit and all that. bear in mind I’m kinda a bit shy at first and have a hard time approaching people so would be highly preferred that you...
  16. A

    looking for some rps (sfw or nsfw, long term-ish)

    posting here cuz im in the mood to rp and just wanna find some partners to roleplay with cuz im bored. even if you don’t wanna role play, I’d be open to just talk about ideas or other character stuff because honestly I need more people to talk to than just my small group of friends. although I’m...
  17. caelumcanis

    Looking for NSFW RP

    DM me if you're interested Furries only, feral or anthro Looking for gore, maybe some vore, and just general roughness. NSFW will be involved Length doesn't matter to me, semi-literate please. I will probably write a male character, pokemon are a possibility too (main Pokemon character is...
  18. C

    Looking for some discord RP partner

    Hi, I've got a couple of ideas up in my head I would like to do but if the ideas seemed bland then I'm open for suggestions if you PM me. https://m.imgur.com/a/kOHIvX9
  19. Alrazvick

    NSFW RP with soul vore as the main theme

    This whole thing is pretty much based around the idea of someone seducing another before devouring their soul. Consuming the body as well is allowed either before or after the soul has been taken, although if done before it’s expected that the soul is destroyed along with the body but this isn’t...
  20. D

    LF nsfw rp ;u;

    this is my first time looking for an nsfw rp so sorry If I'm a little nervous/awkward ;u; I prefer to rp on Discord Looking for paragraph style rp (Replies more than a sentence or two, but don't be pressured to write a novel each time, unless you just want to!) Anthro or human or both idc! I'm...