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rp ad

  1. Darin Waller

    Anthro Pokemon Steampunk themed RP group! [CLOSED]

    Hullo there, my fellow role players! I've been working along with some friends in making a Role Playing group at DeviantArt where we use anthro Pokemon in a Steampunk setting. This is kind of a revival of an older group, with a different, more engaging system based around member interaction...
  2. T

    Looking for an adult themed

    Looking for an adult themed rp I'm a little bored and like adult themed rps Will do it pms to be respectful of others
  3. shetaizettai

    Tiny Male searching for Macro and/or Vore (Mouth) rpers

    I'm looking for rpers (NSFW is welcome as long as you're over 18) that would be willing to put a tiny man human (if you prefer an anthro character, please tell me!) into their muses mouths, and let them fool around on their fur, skin, etc Non-Human: Cave of Wonders (Aladdin) Kenai (Brother...
  4. lilfella

    Micro/macro RP?

    Hello there, everyone! I'm looking for a micro/macro RP partner, any gender. I have a male mouse fursona and I prefer being the smaller one. I love vore, mouthplay and fearplay, but I'm also super on board with fluffier and story based stuff. Any size is cool with me! I only write in...
  5. Cres Moon

    Kaiju, Mech RP

    So I'm a big mecha anime fan and an even larger Godzilla fan. Something I've always wanted to do is an rp set in a world with similar themes. Such as nature vs science and other things along that nature. My favorite designs for mechs are from Neon Gensis Evangelion, even though technically they...
  6. glimglamorous

    Starlight Glimmer RP! (SFW & NSFW!)

    Hey there, new here! I'm a refugee from tumblr's purge on nsfw material so I've brought my fav pony muse Starlight (mlp: fim) here to see how things are! People seem friendly and open and there's less hate and it's far more professionally managed from what I've seen so far. Anyways, I'd love...
  7. seventhadad

    First ever rp group

    Hiya! My name is seven, im new to the furry fandom and im looking for a rp group :). Preferably normal slice of life stuff. Preferably looking for 3-5 people although it the amount of people really doesnt matter as does age.
  8. MetroFox2

    Eramaa - Stone Age RP Server

    So I thought I might give this a go, having not found many stone age RP servers. So yeah, this is a server dedicated to RP in a stone age world. I'm new to creating RPs myself, so you may have to bare with me while things get going. Many rules may change to help keep the RP running smoother...
  9. HumbleMeme

    New here, looking for RP partners :3

    Hello ! I'm still rather new to here and to furaffinity in general but that won't stop me in trying to look for some new roleplay partners ! I'm not particularly into adventure rps, but I can try to do them. I'm mostly into the shipping side or even nsfw side of roleplays. If you're interested...
  10. Bidanhae

    New, unriped RPer looking for some Partner/friends

    Heya! I'm Freelance artist, Interested in Furry RP. I'm still learning english, so my Grammar could be not very fluent. I'm looking for someone to teach me how to RP, or be partner/friend with my OC 'Chuwi'. Chuwi is young traveler from foreign country, Recently arrived at your OC's place...
  11. Jackpot Raccuki

    Tonight Stars an Easygoing RPer [Looking for RPers]

    "In tonight's thread we star an easygoing RPer!" Hello, I'll cut to the chase... The name's Smexy Likeok4, you may call me Smexy or Like, whichever floats your furry boat. As you may gather I'm looking for someone/people to RP with, whenever or not it's SFW, NSFW or StoryRP I don't really...
  12. G

    RP partner needed

    hey there iam currently looking for a RP partner on Discord if anyone is intrested in the RP idea i have below and wants to give it a try with me please go to my Discord which is: #6842 gogoman23 so basically its a MLP story set before Discord was reformed and in this alternate version Discord...
  13. G

    looking for a RP partner

    hey there iam currently looking for a RP partner on Discord if anyone is intrested in the RP idea i have below and wants to give it a try with me please go to my Discord which is: #6842 gogoman23 so basically its a MLP story set before Discord was reformed and in this alternate version Discord...
  14. K

    Furry Tribal Rp - Looking for New Members

    What is life? It is a question that has become something of a cliched platitude, one that has become bereft of any meaning to many. For most animals the question isn’t capable of being processed, but what if that changed? What if the proud lion, were allotted the gifts of sentience? Of...
  15. ash♤Feliz

    castle ivory ( adult like DnD rp on discord )

    there is a legend of a castle that lays in a dark and hunted forest that is a home to terrible and terrifying beast's. the castle that that lies within in the forest, houses many kinds of monsters and other horrifying creatures that has terrify many villages and cites that has been left in ruins...
  16. ash♤Feliz

    looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona.

    i'm looking for a MxM Rp with my birdsona. i'm trying to get back into Rp. if your interesting send me a pm on or dm on discord and we can discuss what plot and ideas for the rp . my discord is Ash #3839.
  17. Paintedfoxy

    MxM NSFW romance RP vid discord

    hiya! Wanna RP? I’m looking for another guy who wants to do a NSFW romance RP with my bunny boi. He’s a very shy and stubborn bunny who hides his urges and is afraid to come out as gay because he’s never been with a guy. In the RP there would be a good bit of sexual encounters as he has always...
  18. Cres Moon

    RP over Discord

    Here's the general concept of an rp I've been wanting to do for a while now. the year is 2198, the earth has been turned into a city planet with virtually barren of natural resources, and ruled by megacoporations, businesses that have taken over the governments and in some cases replaced them...
  19. TeaNmilk


  20. Cres Moon

    Looking for long term rp over Discord

    Hey, I'm looking for an rp partner, or rp partners who would like to work on a character development focused rp. I also host group rps in a range of different settings for anyone who'd like to participate in one of them. I am looking for people with some rp and writing experience.