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rp ad

  1. TeaNmilk

    Male/Male romance rp wanted [NSFW]

    Hey! It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m looking for (like the title said) a male/male rp. I’m personally thinking of a coming of age story or something Highschool based. I’ve got a couple of plots in mind but I’m always open to spitball. My characters don’t exclusively bottom or top...
  2. Amynta

    Looking for dom RP-Partner (NSFW)

    Good day everyone! First off, this isn't meant for me, but for a friend, who needs help with finding fitting RP-partners. He is looking for long-term RP-partners for kinky roleplays. He is only comfortable with playing as male, sub characters and is looking for either male or female dom...
  3. K

    Looking for a RP partner for a Weight Gain Roleplay

    I am looking for someone to rp with me. Wether the char you use is male or female doesn't matter to me, and if you are interested, dm me for my discord info.
  4. Amynta

    Looking for RP - Open for Anything (NSFW preferred)

    Hi there! I'm currently looking for a rp-partner to keep me occupied. I'm quite open-minded and flexible, so if you want to do something specific / kinky, I'll always be down for new experiences. I currently have multiple characters and I have no problem with playing something different or...
  5. ColdSoul

    RP with Phoenix the Borzoi (nsfw)

    Hi, Phoenix is one of my characters, she is a straight female borzoi who is looking to have some fun. She is a hardy but is an easy going tough girl. She likes to play a little hard to get too as she is an ex-military dog. Here are some pics~ www.furaffinity.net: Phoenix Portrait...
  6. hatdudeman

    7 Year Old Discord Sci Fantasy RP Looking for New Members

    Hello role players my name is Hat and I’m here to get as many of you people into our RP Inexplicable Reference to the End of the Story. We have been rocking and rolling for seven years now and we are looking for some fresh new blood. Our group is a bit small but it's full of creativity. We run...
  7. Yuki_Sukafu

    Looking for someone who's interested I'm some WG / fat RP

    First time I put up an "Looking for RP-Partner ad" so, if anyone's interested just hit me up on telegram or PM me. t.me: Yuki
  8. jwatkinsart

    African Wildlife RP Server (TLK Welcome)

    Warlords is an African Wildlife RP Server on Discord, and we're currently recruiting new members! Looking for a casual RP community? Like The Lion King? Like African wildlife? We're here for you. So, what do we offer? Other than a friendly community, we also have fun features to help push...
  9. D

    Looking for NSFW RPers

    Right there in the title really, i dont care what gender you are IRL. Just so you know I have a discord where we can RP. So long as you have a character and are willing to put up woth a little big of story. I like restraints, hunting, being enslaved, straitjackets, pretty dresses etc.. I tend...
  10. supmyface

    F for M NSFW

    Hai ^^ I'm a switch/ mostly sub female/femboy in my rp, i'd love to play with some people ^^ message me here if you wanna play with me ^^ I'm open to males, females, and femboys, while I prefer to be the submissive I don't mind dominating a cute femboy.
  11. JackJackal

    Looking for dominant rp partner NSFW (CLOSED!)

    So yeah the mane says it all. M or F it doesn't matter so long as you are dominant and are ok with NSFW. Dm me or tell me if you have Discord and we can talk more there.
  12. I

    Looking for some NSFW RP with guys.

    I'm a gay male looking for a good time with someone. I'm on the forums most of the time on weekends and in the afternoon after college. I'm only good with anyone who is 18 years or older and I'm both a dom and a sub, so you have someone flexible to work with. I'm open to new kinks so don't be...
  13. Little_Luna

    On the Open Seas (RP May be NSFW)

    The beginning setting is on Sunstone Harbor in Solaria at the edge of the Solar sea, The sun is beating down on the port town and a ship had pulled into port. It's sails looked like they were worn from use, the hull had barnacles rooted onto it, and some algae growing on it. it was the size of a...
  14. SaziSkylion

    Female Avian character seeks male character for long-term romantic rp, 18+

    I'm looking for an RP partner who is willing to throw around plot ideas and stick around for what I'm hoping to be well fleshed-out story. There will be romance, and hopefully conflict that will add depth to the story and the characters themselves. There will be kinks involved, specifically the...