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rp casual buddy

  1. AlexanderMuffin

    Looking for casual modern anthro RP

    Hi, Just bored so I'd like to start an RP. I prefer it to be clothed anthro in a modern setting. Optional NSFW. Just one boundary: Absolutely No Violence whatsoever
  2. BellaHam

    Looking for an RP-Partner (人◕ω◕)

    This post is no longer available and I'm not looking for any new rp-partners. Thank you everyone who contacted me before I edited this post, you're the best!
  3. G

    RP partner needed

    hey there iam currently looking for a RP partner on Discord if anyone is intrested in the RP idea i have below and wants to give it a try with me please go to my Discord which is: #6842 gogoman23 so basically its a MLP story set before Discord was reformed and in this alternate version Discord...
  4. ColdSoul

    RP with Phoenix the Borzoi (nsfw)

    Hi, Phoenix is one of my characters, she is a straight female borzoi who is looking to have some fun. She is a hardy but is an easy going tough girl. She likes to play a little hard to get too as she is an ex-military dog. Here are some pics~ www.furaffinity.net: Phoenix Portrait...
  5. Amnesia

    Looking for a rp partner

    I'm trying to get back into rp, and I think it would be a lot of fun to actually use some of my characters. I haven't actually done a long term rp in a long time. I'm down for any type of rp, but I'd rather it just be a one on one type of rp, as I don't enjoy doing group rp's that much.
  6. Lea.Tigris

    Looking for RP Partner

    Okay so this is a new one for me, but looking to find an rp partner. I'm looking for one person, maybe more to join later, we'll see. Quick info: Female Golden Tiger. Confident, out going, but can be defensive. Usually the one in charge. Over 18s only incase things get nsfw, be it violence...
  7. Layla-Nyan


    Don't know how to delete, sorry.
  8. M

    OC art trade

    I want to draw my characters doing things with other character AND see other people draw my characters interacting with theirs. Kinda like light RP-ing but with pictures since i'm not much of a writer. It can be original stuff or Mass Effect related, SFW or NSFW (Guy on Guy) Here's a link to...
  9. Doodle Bunny

    Thinking about a casual fantasy anthro RP (Nevermind)

    Hi there. I want to start off by saying that I'm no stranger to RP. I've done a lot of one-on-ones with a good friend and done it with a small group. I tend to follow, but never really lead. Now, I have my new fursona Doodles, but I have no idea what to do with her. A character with no story...
  10. DemonSukaii

    Casual Anthro rp?

    Anyone interested in an anthro rp? Sexual things are okay and if so keep wild fetishes or anything of the such to a minimal. I have discord for anyone interested! Honestly just normal conversations are fine as well so don't feel afraid to just want to make a new friend ^w^
  11. Bunnyonthefence

    Looking for casual RP

    Hey, I'm looking for a group to roleplay, casual rp, people must be up to nsfw & sfw. Scenery and stories to be decided. It will be a group on telegram. All styles and characters are welcomed! (Looking for about 4 people or less)