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rp casual

  1. Kharne

    Scenery Heavy RP?

    I'm looking for a fun way to work on my writing skills and decided this could be a good idea! The character I want to use isn't the most talkative so the environment and his actions would be at the forefront of my writing This is the character I'll be using: https://toyhou.se/10392129.kharne...
  2. skeletonizedskull

    casual bubble/rubber related RP existence

    Hey, I'm looking to see if anyone wants to try some simple story RP with some bubble/rubber stuff shoved in for the sake of "why not?" I'm fairly active all day and could RP at anytime [given that I'm not already occupied with something else], and I can go for a couple hours or so to RP. Length...
  3. AstroRey

    LF: Semi lit RP! Long term (18+)

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im a 25 year old non- binary folk looking for a long term roleplay fun. CURRENT PLOT IDEA: You are comfortably resting in your house when a sudden - loud - thud, followed by your bathroom courtain falling and breaking things on its way down caught your attetion...
  4. K

    New to RP (No longer open!)

    I've never really RP'd before, longest was about 2 paragraphs in before my partner got too caught up with college. I'm fluent in English and have a minotaur who's ready for an adventure lol I do best with fantasy settings, and while I'm not good with starting out a plot I can keep the story...
  5. D

    Adult RP +18

    I am looking for someone (male characters only) to do a adult rp with me only vanilla stuff Also I am looking for someone that have patient (my English is terrible) And not shy ones I really new on rp so I need a master to be a leader So if you have interest send me a private chat
  6. T

    Looking for casual rp partner (discord, nsfw, ws)

    Hello, I am a male cat looking for some friendly furs to rp with. I am interested in something nsfw if we mesh well. I am also a big fan of watersports, so if that grosses you out, you probably shouldn't message me. I am looking for M or F, please just be caring and patient. We can discuss more...
  7. GhostIndeedee

    Looking for a private Pokemon RP

    Hey! Looking to start up a casual private pokemon rp. Sorry for wanting it private, but I'm a bit shy, and I don't mind if it gets NSFW, so it's a bit safer. Would prefer feral. Let this Indeedee know if you're interested! Thanks!
  8. L

    sfw casual rp!

    hello! im very bored and i'd like to rp! the only rules i'd like to set are that it remains completely sfw, no romance (im currently rping as my fursona Milo, so fluff would make me uncomfortable, sorry!), and no extreme mature themes! dm or reply if you are interested and we can discuss...
  9. W

    Fatty RP Things

    I'm looking for someone that would be into participating in an rp centered around male weight gain and/or vore. No NSFW. If anyone is interested, message me on my FA page: Userpage of weirdoguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Edit: I do not feel comfortable talking to minors, so if you are under the...