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rp longterm

  1. grosspotoo

    Looking for Literate Groups

    Made an account just to ask this lol I've been itching to get back into RP; I'm currently looking for RP partners or a discord RP group! I'd like plot driven stuff that could veer into ERP if that's what you're into, just as long as everything is discussed beforehand; For NSFW, I'm mostly...
  2. Ravit

    [Open] Looking for some Weight gain/Inflation RP

    Hello there! I'm looking for meanwhile a few years, and I'm kinda unable to find people / or at least someone who is really interested in weight gain (and similar) stuff. Usually, roleplay stuff I'm mainly looking for is weight gain (obviously), hyper, vore, popping, un/willing, and also...
  3. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for NSFW RP partners [MxM]

    Y'ello! I'm Parker, your friendly neighbourhood hyena. I'm looking for some people to RP with! In terms of RP I'm pretty flexible, I can do an RP for pretty much any genre, I have multiple sona's I can use depending on the plot/setting and in terms of kinks/fetishes I'm willing to do most kinks...
  4. Twinklesper

    RP with me? ♡

    hello there! i'm looking for some rp partners. i mostly enjoy rps with nsfw and adult themes, so no underage people here, please! i'm a literate/semi-literate roleplayer (and, don't worry, i use caps correctly when i'm roleplaying) and would prefer the same from my partners. though i love nsfw...
  5. TheXenoGamer

    Looking for NSFW long term rp partners!

    I really need to get back into roleplaying again so I’m looking for maybe 1-3 rp partners to roleplay with! What I’m looking for: Semi literate-literate Story driven 3rd person since I mainly rp in 3rd person NSFW Im big fan of story driven roleplays as it helps my characters story and...
  6. ludens

    looking for a longterm rp partner.

    hiya, I'm looking for somebody to rp with, preferably just one person, longterm, through discord. I have a certain character I'd like to use, and I'd like to see other's characters. My character is a dragon named Cypress, he's an absolute bottom. Whomever is to rp with me should be 18+ and...
  7. CaregiverShade

    NSFW Telegram RP (longterm?)

    So, I'm interested in a couple different things. If one of them perks your interest, feel free to add me so we can have some "fun" I'm mainly just looking for people who are able to RP as much as possible. (Don't randomly ditch me for long periods of time mid RP without giving an estimate on...
  8. peachyprayer

    Looking for rp partners for 1x1

    Hello! I'm new to roleplay, but I'm excited to try it. What I'm looking for: Semi-literate I think? You don't have to write a novel, but there should be something for me to react to. Except if we're just doing some casual rp, but I'm not very familiar with that. Proper spelling and grammar...