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rp partner

  1. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for NSFW RP partners [MxM]

    Y'ello! I'm Parker, your friendly neighbourhood hyena. I'm looking for some people to RP with! In terms of RP I'm pretty flexible, I can do an RP for pretty much any genre, I have multiple sona's I can use depending on the plot/setting and in terms of kinks/fetishes I'm willing to do most kinks...
  2. NovaSwiftBrony

    Looking for someone to play Bowser

    I want to find a rp partner who can play Bowser for some rough play. I want to be used by Bowser and be his. I will be playing a Lucario for this rp and if wanted it can be based on a smash bros match. I prefer discord for communication. Please add me at NovaTheLucario#6590. Hope to see you there!
  3. NovaSwiftBrony

    Looking for NSFW rp partner

    Looking for someone who is open to do nsfw rps. Male or female is open and allowed. If you're interested and have a discord please add me and hit me up. Discord: NovaTheLucario#6590 I am open to do furry x furry, furry x human, and pokemon rps. We can discuss settings and kinks on discord...
  4. Miss_Nova

    NSFW - Searching 1x1 rp partner(s)!

    I'm open to anything, so hit me up ~ I don't bite...hard I can do almost anything, I'm not picky expect I don't like to be dom so if there's somenone who wants that role ~
  5. NovaSwiftBrony

    Nsfw rp ideas. Looking for partner(s)

    So I have two rp ideas. I will be looking to do them on discord. My discord is NovaSwift#6796 Rp idea #1. Its a great party, furs from your school have been invited for a great time, sex, fun, and great times. You are with your boyfriend/girlfriend and want to have sex, but they aren't into the...
  6. Orana

    RP via Discord (DMs and public)?

    I'm looking for anyone and everyone interested in sidling up with fellow RP furries. The requirements are simple: be 18 or older, join the group, be respectful. Some of us like group stuff, but others (shyer types) might prefer to keep it to DMs. We also encourage LGBTQ+ and all kinds of furries...
  7. Space_Din0saur

    Looking for Mature RP Partners and Friends!

    Hello, my name is Kira. This post is fairly long, but I'll try to be as direct as possible! Basically, I am looking for a partner interested in detailed, long-term RP. I enjoy posts which are more than a few sentences long, preferably even a paragraph or two (i.e., posts that contain in-depth...
  8. NovaSwiftBrony

    Seeking female partner for a romance rp. (nsfw)

    Hey all. Been a while since ive had a good long term romance rp. It will be a more passionate and relationship building kind of rp. I am looking for a female (male ok, mostly prefer a female :p) partner to do a long term romance rp. It can have just about anything happen. Discussion will happen...
  9. BluDragon

    Looking for someone to rp with [NSFW]

    Im a sub male dragon that just wants a hug, and a little more. Tbh Im kinda new to this but I’m open to most things. I don’t really have a story for it. I just want something causual and It could be as kinky or as tame as you want, I’m into a lot 0f things. I’m down with male, female or what...
  10. Cinnebunn

    I'm...new to RP

    Hello! I'm pretty new to RP, but I'm not exactly new to being a furry, I guess. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would he interested in RPing to help me gain experience and strengthen my RP-ing skills. Here's info on one of my characters. (Which is the one I'm using as this profile's mascot.)...
  11. ChiffonPoodle

    Poodle searching for RP partners! (MxM and Anthro!)

    I’ve been dying to RP with my femboy poodle OC, Chiffon, for quite some time now! I’m currently looking for: MxM Dominant partners. Eventual NSFW Possible and/or eventual M!preg (this doesn’t have to be included. I’m perfectly fine with a story-based RP or just going willy-nilly. I usually...
  12. Amnesia

    Looking for a rp partner

    I'm trying to get back into rp, and I think it would be a lot of fun to actually use some of my characters. I haven't actually done a long term rp in a long time. I'm down for any type of rp, but I'd rather it just be a one on one type of rp, as I don't enjoy doing group rp's that much.
  13. Lea.Tigris

    Looking for RP Partner

    Okay so this is a new one for me, but looking to find an rp partner. I'm looking for one person, maybe more to join later, we'll see. Quick info: Female Golden Tiger. Confident, out going, but can be defensive. Usually the one in charge. Over 18s only incase things get nsfw, be it violence...
  14. K

    Looking for RP Partner(s) (Tfs + TGs + Fetishes in general) [Again]

    Sorry, I posted something like this a few months ago, but due to a lack of patience and family crisis after family crisis (including having to flee my own house). I've finally managed to get back into it and so I'm going to make another post for this. I have quite a large cast of characters...
  15. TailsandScales

    M/M NSFW RP?

    I'm 110% new here and don't have telegram or discord like basically everyone else does, but I do have Kik and an email! And I'm looking for (preferably a dom/top) to do a longterm, m/m RP with plot but also some NSFW fun! I'm looking for literate & creative partners! If you're not up for NSFW...
  16. Snipernoah11

    D&D inspired Vore rp

    Hey I was wondering if anyone was willing to do a vore rp based around D&D stats and adventure with my one of my characters. I would like switches who can be multiple characters in a RP for this one or just one person can be like that...others can be pred or prey (just no eating me XD!) . Also I...
  17. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for RP partners!

    Heya everybody! Kinda new here, but I'm looking for some RP partners! I'd mainly want to do weight gain rp's, adventure rp's and just casual rp's If you're interested, just send me a note or leave a reply! I hope to speak to some of you soon!
  18. K

    Looking for RP Partner(s) (Tfs + TGs + Fetishes in general)

    Hello! I'm a story writer over on the regular FA site and I've been actively searching for RPers mostly those who want to do RPs along this line. (I have quite a large cast of characters from male to female, you can look at my stories to see a few of them, they can also span across fantasy...
  19. NOODZ

    Searching for a rp partner (Latex + Hypnosis + others fetishs )

    Heey i'm kinda new on the forum soo i'm searching for eventual Rp partner for Rp that would be semi-long, Nsfw Of course ^^ and i'd prefer to not be the dom, i'm kinda open minded and so dont mind new fetish but still i'd really prefer Latex and Hypnosis <3 If you are interest, feel free to add...
  20. neapolitan

    Looking for an rp buddy (NSFW and SFW)

    If you're interested, pm me! Hello!! I'm Poppy!! I'm looking for a female rp buddy for safe for work and not safe for work roleplays!! I like cats, undertale, and warriors