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  1. ZamWolf

    I want to chat right now

    Hey who wants to RP about furry things? :)
  2. Miss_Nova

    I'm back and looking few rp partners!

    Hi! It's me Nova, sorry for my long hiatus but I would like to get back to rp here and try to be active. Shortly: I can do almost everything but I'm sure we can discuss rest in dm. I would like to rp m/f pairing, me as female so I'm looking someone that could rp as a male (or males). But I...
  3. Only Here A Second..

    I've been here before but never really posted...

    I think it's been a year or two since I've been here... hoping to make some good acquaintances, maybe a couple of friends or casual roleplay/writing partners. I go by Ember, mostly, but I also go by Rehira, the name of my Vernid I made a little while back. I'm open to chat as long as...
  4. Malachi The Wolfo

    The Hybrid Theory (strict sfw hybrid/non hybrid rp)

    an rp for hybrids and non hybrids of all kinds, here are the rules 1. strictly sfw 2. use () when talking ooc 3. for actions use * 4. no drama 5. violence in the rp is allowed 6. swearing is allowed, but not the n word. that will not be tolerated 7. relationships in the rp is allowed, but an sfw...
  5. Darkwolgon

    Furry rp room (fantasy fate unravel)

    This rp room is all about you, Meeting new people and live in a fantasy world as your sona. The general story: You and your friends decide to try out what seems like a regular thumb numbing game. When suddenly you all fall into a strange sleep and awake in a fantasy world. The place you only...
  6. PiperTheGoat

    Looking for NSFW RP

    I'm in search of a kinky dom. So far I haven't found any kinks I don't like other than scat and urine. My discord is RoosterChick#0528 and I'm also on telegram if anyone wants to rp on that.
  7. A

    Looking for Male Scaly Partners

    Hello! The name is Kometa. I am a female domestic cat. I really like roleplaying and want to find some partners. I've got a soft spot for scalies like dragons and snakes. I want to do some nsfw roleplaying. It doesn't have to have a plot or be long-term, though I am down for it. If you want me...
  8. Paintedfoxy

    Babyfur RP NSFW

    hiya! I am looking for someone who is open and wants to do a RP with a babyfur. I am open minded and would love to RP or even chat with others. Feel free to PM or send me an invite on discord I’m lilkev#0560 Thanks! :)
  9. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Semi-lit/Literate Fantasy/Medieval RP

    Tidings, friends! Looking for an rp partner who's into the same nerdy shit, as I am. Looking to share a literary adventure with someone, male or female. Based on a game series, or our own ideas. SFW or NSFW. We'll discuss what we want, plot and setting wise, once we both agree on a platform...