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  1. Ikstina

    Will i be banned for that?

    hi, i cant find a rule about videos on youtube. I mean, i created a video on YT and want to share it with my subs can i do it or not?
  2. FenrisNordwind

    a request to rethink. From the Rules

    Dear friends, sincetheinnovations in the rules of our beloved website of 04.16.20, 5.01.20, artists,have begun to undergo serious inconvenience in the dissemination of their art. there are more and more people on thesite. It’sbecoming more and more difficult to remain in the audience’s...
  3. divineirony

    new site, unsure the limiations of art category

    hi, im new to this site. my name is divine irony and i draw lewds both furry, and non furry in a wide variety of categories. my friend told me that this site accepts a wide variety of things, but my question is, what cant this site accept? thank you for reading this post
  4. luffy

    Guidelines: IMPORTANT: Update to Art Sales and Auctions Rules - Titles must include price!

    Hello everyone! We have made some changes to the Art Sales and Auctions forum rules that help with the functionality of the forum and also consolidate our terms. Please see the new rules here: forums.furaffinity.net: 10/15/2017 Art Sales and Auctions Rules (PLEASE READ) Most notable of our...
  5. Ashwolves5

    Raffle repost rule still used?

    I have been seeing people enacting the “repost my journal to enter my raffle” thing again. I know this was prohibited about five years ago (in a journal no one probably read) but I don’t see any official rules on this. Has it been dissolved?
  6. SkyFurCreations

    °•○● Remember The 6-2-1 Rule (And More) ●○•°

    SkyFurCreations here, and I just want to kindly remind everybody to remember the 6-2-1 rule when attending a furry convention, but I have a few other valid points as well. This is NOT an epidemic, however, a nice reminder before attending will increase your odds of following the rules, vs...