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  1. Ikstina

    Will i be banned for that?

    hi, i cant find a rule about videos on youtube. I mean, i created a video on YT and want to share it with my subs can i do it or not?
  2. NoahGryphon

    Main Site Issue regarding the new policy update.

    www.furaffinity.net: 4/16/2020 - New Hardware & Policy Updates -- Fender's Journal this one This does not seem right. There is a lot of cute/normal art out there that just happens to feature one of the groups mentioned. It also is bad because it seems it could be unfairly enforced by admins, by...
  3. V

    Main Site Posting Commissions On My Main Account

    Hi there, everyone. I'm a bit new to Fur Affinity and I've been seeing some users that post commissions and gifts that other people have done for them on their main accounts. I've been wanting to do this too, to show off some of the really cool stuff other people have made for me. Aside from...
  4. Kylan Velpa

    Unclear on art rules

    Just wanted to know: Is it legal/generally accepted to download others' artwork so one doesn't have to connect to the internet to view some of the favourite works? If so, is it legal/generally accepted to post that artwork privately to friends as long as you don't pass it off as your own? If...
  5. J

    My friend had his art deleted due to a misunderstanding.

    My friend is Itallian and doesn't speak English well. He recently had artwork of his fursona removed from FA. On his page, he said his character was "born" in 2002. What he meant by that is that his character was created in 2002. The actual character is 28 in canon. FA read that and assumed the...
  6. AlphaGodith

    what constitutes 'spam' these days?

    a while back i had on my profile that i offered discounted commissions for folks that would help advertise my work, and i did raffles where you would have to create a journal advertising the raffle in order to be entered. i was told that these things counted as spam because part of the no-spam...
  7. rmt3589

    About art rating: Tanuki "Sack"

    So, i'm working on a pic for class, and am planning on positing it on fa once done. It contains a tanuki oc of mine in his true form, gorging himself on food. This tanuki's "sack" can be seen covering it's legs from under the table like a blanket, and is drawn with the same detail as typical...
  8. dojero

    LF Black Market Rules/Guide

    So I'm thinking of posting a Commission Sales thread but would like to read the Black Market Rules/Guide first. Buuuut I can't seem to find it! I must be blind... Could someone be kind enough to link it to me here? Thanks in advance!