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saffron keesh

  1. SafKeesh

    Fall Sale! Anything autumn related 35$US only!

    That is CORRECT. Fall is my favourite season, the spookyness, the sweaters, the colours, ALL OF IT. To celebrate, i'm bringing my usually 40$ price down to 35$ if anything you want is SPOOKY OR FALL-Y! Up above are only examples, but if you want anything related to the season, spill the beans...
  2. SafKeesh


    Hello hello hello NICE TO MEET YOU! I go by the name Saffron Keesh here, it's a character i made up in the past and i've used her name since then, but my IRL name goes along the lines of Gabby-Gabrielle (◡‿◡✿) I do artwork as a hobby, been doing speedpaints, traditional, painting, digital...