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  1. DivinePrince

    How do I upgrade to SAI 2?

    Figured I'd ask here. I have SAI 1, and I would like to upgrade. Honestly, I tried reading how to do it on the official site, but I got confused with that. So, in simple terms (Explain Like I'm 5) how do I get SAi 2 downloaded and fully working?
  2. Nephliis

    Pricing Help?

    I am unsure as to how much I should really be charging here. I would very much like your opinions. x3 /feel free to shoot me an offer if you'd like a commission :)
  3. MunchiiGirl

    Open Commissions, willing to work hard

    Hi there! I'm kinda new to this site but I have been drawing for a few years now and recently been trying to get my commissions up more. So I just wanted to make a quick post saying that my commissions are in fact OPEN! Exciting times. I am able to easily work and adapt to what you may want and...
  4. Diaminerre

    Reset basic shortcuts for SAI

    Hope it's right place to make this thread (SAI is an art program and so on). I'm trying to figure out possibility of changing basic shortcuts (such as pure ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, arrows, etc.). What I already found: 1) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SYSTEMAX Software Development\Sai in Windows registry...
  5. Elfi

    Recent version of SAI? Please help!

    Does anyone know where I can download/buy the most recent version of paint tool SAI? I can't find it anywhere and not drawing is killing me! Any help/direct links to the most recent version of the program would be greatly appreciated!
  6. crystallinecanine

    Needing Critique on a WIP

    Before I go ahead and finish this piece up tomorrow, any input would be helpful! I normally just stick with flat colors, but maybe since this is a piece I like, I'll go all out and add shading and light too! I never really venture out of my comfort zone of headshots and icon style drawings so...