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  1. RenSoul

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ~ Furry Characters for Sale/Trade! ~

    Hello All! I've got a bundle of furry folk in need of new homes over on my TH! Some are for monetary sale, while others are for art/character trade only. If interested, PM me over here or on my TH. I'd love to get a deal worked out with you! :>
  2. Annagriffinart

    (Base/YCH) Selling: "Collar" YCH Painting ! <- Unlimited Slots, Any gender, Any Species for USD $16 !

    Hi everyone! I just finished my first unlimited slots YCH base. >> You can check it here << The collar of the base has some profanity , although in general its not a mature piece in my conception. Further info can be found at the submission itself but i will paste here: -> Unlimited slots as...
  3. Calima

    Legit emergency art sale (gee thanks, Covid)

    OK... So here's me swallowing my pride and announcing that my place of employment has decided to give me the axe after 2 years of employment and the last 5 months being front line "essential personnel" in which I was one of two employees in our location and working my hiney off between 60 and 70...
  4. Catapat

    (Commission) Selling: Hnai's Art Shop ($10 to $100+) SFW and NSFW

    Hi there! My name is Hnai, i'm a digital artist that specializes in fantasy art. I can draw anything, from furries to humans to mechas. <3 Here's my commissions site with prices: hnaicommissions.weebly.com: HNAI'S COMMISSIONS: OPEN Deviantart: Hnai - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt Feel...
  5. Rave the party wolf

    (Commission) Selling: First three commissions sell for 5 U.S.D.!!after that from 5-100 U.S.D.

    I'm a new artist looking for commissions. If you'd like some art done I can do it cheaply. Simply message me with your character design (ether a previous drawing or a description) and your email. I drew my profile picture. My camera isn't the best, so I will mail your artwork to you if you'd...
  6. SeanPTX

    Lemon Brat Partial - looking to sell

    I have a Lemon Brat partial of a green fox that I am interested in selling. It was a spontaneous purchase I made at ACFI, so I don't have a website with pics. If you PM me, I can send you the pics of the partial. Asking $900 + shipping /or best offer. (I'm going to TFF at the end of the...
  7. Jakarva

    SALE Buy3 get 1 Free

    I'm opening up for comms while I'm in Florida! The sale is buy 3 get 1 free and it also includes my reference sheets and $5 headshots! PayPal only please You must pay beforehand no drastic changes to the design past the lining stage No refunds.
  8. AyaVale

    Small Character Purge!

    Gotta purge some unused characters to help with Christmas shopping! Characters can be found here for image reference: AyaVale on Toyhouse Characters are: Cocoa (Vampire Bat) - $30 No extra art. Full ref only. Priscilla (Wolf) - $150 OBO Loads of extra art. There's a few more characters...
  9. Gliese785

    Cheap YCH slots!

    Sup, guys! I've just opened a few cheap YCH slots with really low start bids! From 5$ for a sketch portrait, any species and NSFW plots ;) If interested, check them here on my YCH.Commishes account. P.S. Commissions are open as well! Many examples of finished art you can find on my Deviantart!
  10. LilithNoel

    $35 Thigh Up Commissions

    Having a little sale! Fanart and OCs are welcome~ I do anthros and some full furry. Email me if you aren't sure if your character qualifies!
  11. DNP101

    DNP101 COMMISSIONS OPEN - [$15 - $50] - [New Discount Theme]

    - DNP101 is Open for Commissions - Sketches - Linework - Full Renders - Reference Sheets - *insert specification here* - Commission Slots - Terms of Service - Drawing Limitations - Prices - - Current Sale (July 24th, 2018) - - Contact Furaffintiy: DNP101 Discord: DarkNeedle101#1915 Email...
  12. LadyLyreBird

    2D and 3D High Quality Digital Art Commissions

    Hello! I am an experienced artist with a wide range of commission offerings at reasonable prices. I do Digital Painting as well as 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, and rigging. My 3D models can be implemented in games, including Second Life. I can handle any character type, human, anthro...
  13. Xelwave

    ART SALE! [CLOSED] *£10 Ferals!*£7 Headshots!*£10 Full Bodies!*£24-30 Ref Sheets!*

    Hi there lovely people!!! So, for a long while since moving house, my PC has gone back and forth to the PC doctors with all sorts going wrong with it (yay -.-) and so now of course, I'm in desperate need of being commissioned as it's taken quite a lump from my bank account :confused: I just...
  14. Caprisun

    Cute adoptables! (PRICE CUT!)

    Hey guys! I'm back with some cute adopts ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Originally 20$ each, but I'm really in need of some money and need these cuties gone, so I will take 15$! Paypal only! Make sure to specify what species and number you want! GOATS 1. OPEN 2. OPEN HYENAS 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN 4. OPEN You will...
  15. Tytysi

    Looking For Cute Art (Closed)

    Hello, I have a lion-mouse and a ferret that are in need of art. I'm interested in: "Couple" art (more of a playful father/son duo) Chibis/Kemonos Cute backgrounds (lots of fluffy things- pillows and stuffed animals and such) Styles that are so cute, looking at them puts you at risk of...
  16. reptile logic

    Questions involving current sales practices, not art/furry specific

    Is this becoming a new trend that I need to take into consideration when conducting a sale? Case in point; a small sale, 1or 2 books. The setting, a strip mall store in the Seattle metropolitan area: I enter a business and proceed with my transaction. There are no other customers in the store...