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  1. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: In need of more art for my official fursona!

    Hello!! This is a simple request: I'm looking for more art of my official fursona, Kasumi. Below is her description and picture. Kasumi is a 6'4 female Shiba Inu with cream colored fur, a purple underbelly, and purple paws. She is of a strong build, being lean and quite muscular with C cup...
  2. starceptor

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling Eastern Cat : $20-$40

    I really like this cat she is very cute! But i need money for food and so, I hope someone can give her a good home! she's a flat $20, but for $25 you can unlock a nude/nsfw version , and for $40 you can unlock a sketch commission as well . paypal only, reply to claim and i'll contact you with...
  3. N

    My idea for my fursona

    I am a hybrid. No fur but I have fox ears. Yellow greenish eyes. Red orange hair. I am wearing a mask that covers the lower half of my face that has led to show images as well as voice modulation features and can open and move back. I am not sure of the outfit but I do know that I will have two...