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  1. Jamiragon

    Critique: Request feedback for a Fantasy/Yaoi story

    Hi. I've been an FA member for quite some time and working on a graphic novel. I've also started writing prose (not for the first time, so I do have some experience with writing) featuring new characters. The characters are furry... more or less. They're all human/animal hybrids, like...
  2. ivoryandgold

    (Commission) Selling: Chibis $16!

    hey everyone! I’m new here but have been on deviantart for a few years. I thought I’d try posting in the art forums and open some chibi commissions! Chibis are $16 (PayPal) and 300 x 300px. Payment upfront, turnaround time is general 1-3 days :) Examples: If you’re interested in...
  3. Emya

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dancing Faun/Satyr adopts - 15 USD | 2/3 Open

    Dancing Fauns / Satyrs Updated 12/11-19 www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Faun/Satyr adopts - 15 USD | Open by Emya I'm obsessed with satyrs right now for some reason. I visited Pompeii this summer and ever since I saw the faun statue from House of the Faun I wanted to draw some fauns/satyrs based...
  4. varjopihlaja

    Fantasy adopts 18€

    18€ each, payment via paypal invoice (message me here to reserve) Paypal fee is included in price • You get the fullsized drawing without watermarks and with this background • Gender is up to you and you can alter as you like • You can use the art but not claim it your own/sell it Same post...
  5. onlyuyupops

    only uyu pops™

    Hey there, it's me, Uyu. I tried really hard to be a normie for about a decade and it turns out that's exhausting, so I've been easing slowly back into being a big nerd; thus, admitting I'm a furry. ("Animal Crossing/monsterpeople/D&D humanoids/shapeshifters/kemonomimi/horned...
  6. FaunGirl

    Who wants an Art Trade?

    Hello! I'd like to take a couple of art trades since I have free time. Furry, anthro, humans... anything. :) Some examples of my style and skill: And here is my character: Best regards!