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saving up

  1. sherry_p0p

    (Commission) Selling: )Unique,cute Mq art comms (10 - 25 USD) TW: nsfw/sfw

    I started being a furry in January of this year! And in Feb I started digital art. I've been on Amino mostly, but a lot of cute people had commissioned me! I can totally negotiate prices. I'll leave here some examples of what I can do for you!~ I'm about to move out from where I live now. The...
  2. PeachesTheWolf

    Saving up for your dream suit

    Hey, so, I just figured I would come on here and ask some furs potentially on how they saved up/budgeted for their fursuit(s). While I can make fursuit heads myself, I do recognize that the ones that I make (especially since they're really only held up by glue and a prayer), are not built to...