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  1. The_biscuits_532

    How do you approach scale with your characters?

    So I've been thinking about this, really ever since I started seriously participating in the fandom. Personally I like to scale characters like their respective species but that seems to be fairly uncommon. EG: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41605608/ Like this quicc chart I threw together...
  2. ChapterAquila92

    Warhammer Kitbash: Grav-Russ Executioner

    Heyo! Liam here, and I've been working on the titular project for a little while 3 years now. In case you're not familiar, Warhammer 40k is a tabletop game by Games Workshop that is set in the dark future of the 41st Millennium, featuring a technologically stagnant, xenophobic galaxy-wide...
  3. Vortis

    How do you make this effect?

    Hey everyone. Got a newbie question to ask. Can anyone tell me how to make the effect that's on this suit's belly? The way that it has those slight horizontal indentations in it, I mean. Dropbox - 2ddbc26dc2a532b1b1a4a0d14e46dc1ac5e2a340feeea1d12c157d2c2dfd82c7.jpg Thanks!
  4. J

    Can I get some help with ideas?

    Heyo! So I'm into making scale tails! Since I don't get a lot of commissions due to being a new seller, I've been having more luck selling stock ones on Furbuy. I was wondering if I could get some input on what people would like to see made? It's not necessarily a "request" thing, but more of...
  5. J

    Scale Tail Complete! -Picture and Video Included

    Here's the finished Scale Tail! Userpage of Jaye -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Video: Open for commission! See the journal! Scale Tails and Gauntlet Commissions Open!! -- Jaye's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. J

    Lots of Commission Slots Open!

    Hello! I am open for multiple commission slots open currently! See below for Items and Prices. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. ************* Scale tails -1 Large Stuffed Scale Tail Slot (600-700 scales, belt loops to almost floor on average adult height) -Starting at $125, Shipping $20 in USA...
  7. J

    Scale Tail Commission Slot Open $125

    Hello! I'm still trying to raise money to help pay for college expenses. I'm opening up 2 scale tail commission slots! 1 Slot is open to first come first serve via messaging or email. The other is listed on Furbuy currently. See Link for examples and in depth details...
  8. S

    Intimidation tactics and a hesitant newcomer.

    First and foremost, let me just say that reading through the sticky guide of to do's and not to do's scared the crap out of me. So there is no need for pitchforks and sharpened claws here, I understand the rules! Hahaha! Now then, onto the typical introduction! The names Shade, but you can...
  9. MessyMaddy

    /The beast shop/ Affordable full color art.

    Welcome, to probably the simpelest commission shop here. I am April, an artist from the EU. And that's pretty much it ,I am a boring person. So let's get to the art then! Quick color style This style is only offered trough the FA forum I can do pretty much any animal, robots not so much! I...