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  1. Magicka~

    What would make my sona cuter?

    I'm all for Kubu looking cute, but I also like to juxtapose their charm with punkish or sinister items (e.g. the spiked collar and shoe spikes). Kubu doesn't wear much and has an overall simple design. I know something can be added or revised! All help much appreciated! ヽ(#◠∀◠)ノ ❤ ⭐~~⭐
  2. Magicka~

    Ask Me Anything~! ⭐

    Absolutely anything! A little risque? Sure, why not. oωo My "dragonsona" is fresh out of the page, and I need your help to create ✨ lore ✨ for my Q&A! So, ask away, fellas~ ◡ω◡ ~~
  3. Rap Daniel

    Sketchbook: My sister did a sketch of my scalesona!

    I love it so much, it fits him so well! What do you guys think?
  4. U

    Scale looking for maker

    Hey all! I’m looking for a maker from anywhere really, up for helping me create my first suit! I need someone who is patient, not because I am indecisive or anything but just because the request is unique. I want to be an Uktena, a great horned serpent. I prefer realistic or semi realistic and...
  5. thegracefulgecko

    Icon for my scalie!

    Hello lovely artists! I'm looking to get an icon for my scalesona. I'm looking to pay around $25 USD or below, but I'm willing to be a bit flexible on the price. I'm going to attach the ref sheet I have for her below. I'm looking to get the icon for her in the same style of "Pool Party...
  6. thegracefulgecko

    Anyone interested in drawing my scalesona?

    I got my ref sheet for her today! If anyone is bored and/or needs some inspiration, here she is!
  7. Rap Daniel

    Draw my Raptor oc please?

    His name is Rap, and he looks like SkadeRaptor but with a darker shade and a brownish yellow streak on his sides like the Indoraptor. He loves to wear torn shirts because its sexy to him, wears white shorts and no footwear because he's digitigrade. A ref would be amazing to see but I will accept...
  8. Lexio

    Snakify My Fursona? #Snektember

    To celebrate snektember, I'd love to have a snake version of my fursona... the problem? I cant art... If anyone would like to try to snakify my fursona (or my scalsona if you want) Go ahead! Thank you if you can! My Fursona, Lexio My Scalesona, Nebula I dont mind how you make them look...
  9. Derron116

    Returning Utahraptor looking to acquire some art of my updated 'sona.

    Hi! So I'll try to keep this short, what I'm looking for is a full body reference type of thing for my new fursona, Zephyris Redsnout. I'd prefer color but since I'm asking for free art it's perfectly cool if you do sketch. Image/Color References: www.furaffinity.net: Color concept for...
  10. lochsnesmonster

    Tessie's Art Pile

    Just felt like posting my art of my oc's more places Tessie is on the left, Elise is on the right, they're girlfriends <3 Tessie is a soft butch nerd who likes video games and warm sweaters and is rather happy go lucky and somewhat clumsy. And Elise is a goth femme who enjoys fashion and...
  11. lochsnesmonster

    Human and Fursona Commissions! ($5-$35usd)

    Hi I'm selling digital art of OC's and stuff! I will draw: Humans Furries Scalies Any type of anthro really Mecha Armor Mild suggestiveness I will NOT draw: Explicit NSFW Pretty much any fetish Anything morally wrong or illegal (I shouldn't have to explain this one further) | Paypal | Ko-Fi...
  12. S

    Fursona help

    hey guys! I'm super glad I finally made an account on here and I'm officially apart of the community! I haven't actually gotten to meet anyone yet and I'm more than happy to meet people! I'll link my account down below;) but that's not exactly what I came here for. I came here to find out if...
  13. markusblade21

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I have something in mind for a fursona/scalesona, but I find myself stonewalled when it comes to creating something unique. I've tried coming up with different color/aesthetic combos only to find that someone else has already thought of it. I've tried hybridizing different creations only to...