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  1. RedNovember

    Cheap chibi and anthro sketches $5-10

    Hello all! Unfortunately I am in a position where the only art form accessible to me is paper and mechanical pencil, but I’m hoping I will be able to fill my schedule with commission work anyway. :) Examples: I’m on mobile so I apologize in advance if these looks funny. Rules: No...
  2. Jojer

    Question of the year! SCALY or SCALEY?

    I spell it "scaley" but I think I'm a minority! :p
  3. Lawkbutt

    Here's Some New Art

    My FA is here, if anybody is interested.
  4. Theram

    Offering Icons, busts, pixel art, ref sheets; furry, scaley, feathers, humanoid, alien

    I mainly do alien, scaley and bugs but I can draw any kind of creature or anthro, also robots. My style is mixed, I can do realistic, creepy, cartoony and cute. I'm not comfortable with doing sexual NSFW, but might consider suggestive themes. I have no issues with gore/violence. I use paypal...
  5. S

    Furry discord?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there is like some sort of pretty big furry discord chat? Kinda like a chat room type deal? I'd kinda prefer if it was SFW for most of the time, but besides that I don't really care. Thanks for the help!!!
  6. Telltale-Sheriff

    Adoptable (Selling) Starting Bid $30

    A pretty Eastern dragon! She's scaly AND fluffy~ She starts at $30 USD , Min increments of $5. uvu Paypal only! Winner get's the high RES image~!