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  1. D

    [OC] Why do we fight?

    New User here. I write sci-fi short stories that I post on my site www.dinomyar.com and on r/HFY. I think a few of them might be of interest here and if encouraged, I will post links to them here too. This is one I think fits, scales not fur but I have seen others similar to it. I think of this...
  2. No Trip

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptable Auction - Stronk Lizard (nsfw, female and futa versions) 30 min remaining

    Some sort of lizard/dragon woman. Too strong for those chains to hold her. Bidding runs through Wednesday the 27th, 10pm central time. Main page with bidding here. Display of futa version here. The starting bid is $30 with a minimum bid of $5.
  3. Queerstalline-Void

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dragon Design Auction Open

    Starting Bid: $10 Current Bid: - Autobuy: $85 Auction ends 3/5/19 Preffered payment is paypal You can add on HQ art, but higher amounts of money will take priority
  4. thegracefulgecko

    Anyone interested in drawing my scalesona?

    I got my ref sheet for her today! If anyone is bored and/or needs some inspiration, here she is!
  5. yuricanes

    ADOPT SALE: Creature Feature!

    Hey yall! I'm looking to purge some of my characters so I can visit my girlfriend for the holidays <3 Payment through Paypal only please! You’ll receive the fullres unwatermarked image, shaded and unshaded+color palette! You’re welcome to also change species/details/etc. Feel free to inbox me...
  6. S

    Watching the latest KH trailer when suddenly...

  7. Keaton Wilda

    Star-Fox Roleplay

    Hi there everyone, this of course is my first post on these forums, but this seems like the most logical place to recruit people for an otherwise interesting experience to be had. What I am coming to you all about is a server coming out on Garry's Mod under the Nutscript platform, this server...
  8. Tabitha

    Fish fursonas?

    So, I recently decided to change my fursona from a hyena to a catfish. I feel like it suits me a lot better! Anyways, I tried looking up other catfish furries (or even just fish in general), but to no avail. Where all my finnies at?? (P.S. This is my first forum post! Hiii! New to the...
  9. Amyntas

    Looking for RP - Open for Anything (NSFW preferred)

    Hi there! I'm currently looking for a rp-partner to keep me occupied. I'm quite open-minded and flexible, so if you want to do something specific / kinky, I'll always be down for new experiences. I currently have multiple characters and I have no problem with playing something different or...
  10. hyst

    Hyst's Art Commissions!

    Hey everyone, I'm Hyst! I'm a huge anthro fan and artist, and would love to work with you guys and bring your awesome characters to life! Let me know if you'd like anything! Message me here, on FA, or through discord if you want! (hyst#4759)
  11. I

    Post cute animals here.

    Title says it all. No politics, no arguing, no drama. Just our four legged furry friends. Any kind of animal that you find cute, feel free to post it here. Your pets, other peoples pets, wild animals, mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. If it puts a smile on your face than share it with the...
  12. Vandclash

    Commissions are open!

    Price list / Lista de precios -Sketch: 8 $US ($5000) -> Pencil portrait, furry/anthro, OC's and other characters. High image quality / Retrato a lapiz mina, furry/anthro, OC's, y otros personajes. Alta calidad de imagen ante todo. -Line art (Digital o tradicional): 12 $US ($7500) -> Chinese...
  13. socksmuggler

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pin-Up YCH [OPEN]

    Hi everybody!! I haven't really done a YCH before, so I'm giving this a go! With this, like it says, it can be any species and gender, and I'll modify the lineart as necessary! You'll be receiving much cleaner lineart when it's completed, the sketchy lineart is just for the preview image! As...
  14. SashaBengal

    18+ SFW Group RP now accepting applications!

    About us: We are a medieval fantasy roleplay, for furries! We welcome all kinds of furs, and encourage literate roleplay everyone can enjoy. We have a main plot for slice of life moments, and will also be doing mini arcs to help develop everyone's characters and bring excitement to the roleplay...
  15. RoseyTheCuteDragon


    Hey guys I made a scalie discord for all of our dragon/snek/ etc friends A chill no drama area 18+ only sorry kiddos Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  16. lochsnesmonster

    Tessie's Art Pile

    Just felt like posting my art of my oc's more places Tessie is on the left, Elise is on the right, they're girlfriends <3 Tessie is a soft butch nerd who likes video games and warm sweaters and is rather happy go lucky and somewhat clumsy. And Elise is a goth femme who enjoys fashion and...
  17. lochsnesmonster

    Human and Fursona Commissions! ($5-$35usd)

    Hi I'm selling digital art of OC's and stuff! I will draw: Humans Furries Scalies Any type of anthro really Mecha Armor Mild suggestiveness I will NOT draw: Explicit NSFW Pretty much any fetish Anything morally wrong or illegal (I shouldn't have to explain this one further) | Paypal | Ko-Fi...
  18. Maxxumus

    Scale-sona Profile Pic, Is it Passable

    <---- I kinda just Threw this together, Is it Shit or is it Alright?
  19. S

    Story commissions!!!

    Hey guys! So this is gonna be my first set of commissions! I dunno how many I'll take but I'm not gonna overwhelm myself for my first time lol. Ok, enough of my running my mouth, no one wants to hear that! Let's get to the good stuff! I charge $5 for every 250 words, and at the moment I'm only...
  20. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Any tips for a first-time suit maker?

    So, this is more of an unusual suit that I'm making, but I'm wondering - any tips? The suit is going to start out as just a head and maybe gloves. The head is a dragon with scaly skin - I'm planning to make a sort of balaklava out of that stretchy scaly fabric, then attack feathers or quills...