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  1. Denji

    Absolute beginner drawer/''artist''

    No previous attempts at drawing seriously. I started by sketching on paper, and then imported it into SAI. I have no idea how to do the shading, teeth and spikes. I think the teeth was decent but the spikes just seemed off whatever I did. It took about 6 hours straight. Any tips on how to...
  2. Denji

    New''ish'' scalie here, 'sup?

    So I've been part of this forum for a while but just now got around to posting this. Well, I'll be listing a few things about me. - I'm a scalie, meaning I prefer most things with scales before things with fur, such as dragons and crocodiles. - I love music! I listen to almost anything, but...
  3. J

    Cheap Scalie/Dragon Commissions Open!

    Original Post w/pics: www.furaffinity.net: Handmade Scalemail Commissions are Open!! by Jaye Read below before filling out the sheet please. Link is below! goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission Form goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission Form goo.gl: JayeCreations June 3rd Commission...
  4. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Episode 1 Free to play.

    Hey guys! Episode 1 is now completely free to play! Follow the links below to download it! Feedback is welcome! Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it seiryu32.itch.io: Dragons Be by Seiryu32
  5. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons be walkthrough!

    Hey guys! Check out the short Walkthrough video for my game called Dragons Be! Follow the links in the description to download it! Only $1.99 from now through March1!
  6. Lashzara

    Dragons or wyverns?

    Which do you like better? I see lots of dragons, and dragon cosplays, but not so many wyverns. I'm working on a wyvern suit right now, but I have had a dragon character for a long time that I used to use for everything. (Dragons have 4 legs, wyverns have 2)
  7. Deathless

    10 Days until CHRISTMAS!!!

    Today is the 15th of December which means it's 10 days away until the 25th!!! As a celebration, what are you guys thinking you'll get for Christmas? Stay Strong and lets keep waiting!!! <3
  8. Jayy-Dog

    Hello Everyone!

    'New to this and all, i just wanna be able to make friends and find people with certain interests x3 I like ALOT of things, but one thing people gotta be aware of about me is yiff, i love yiff. If you don't then i respect your opinion x3 I also like drawing and animating, i've been doing it for...
  9. Deathless

    How do I ask for a fursuit?

    feel free to delete this thread too i apologize for being so cringey
  10. J

    Large ScaleTail and Gauntlets Done and For Sale!

    Video: Furbuy Link: FurBuy - View Auction #1086209 Nice big scale tail complete and up for auction! Commission your own: Scale Tails and Gauntlet Commissions Open!! -- Jaye's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. J

    Knitted Scalemaille Gauntlet Commissions Wanted!

    Hello! Summer has given me a lot of free time to knit! All of the proceeds I make go to paying for college expenses! Right now, I have 8 slots open for knitted gauntlets of all sizes and colors! Depending on a furbuy auction, I may or may not have a scale tail commission slot open as well. See...
  12. G

    Help! Lost Fursona! If found, please contact owner<3

    Name: Grimruine Alchemical Age: 237 Sex: M Species: Dragon (Unknown Origin, but looks Similar to that of Ukrainian) Height: 65 ft 3 in (65'3") Weight: 1382 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Electric Blue and Black(Chest Piece) - Markings: Yes, Various [Birth Mark: Decagram behind left shoulder blade...
  13. W

    Recruiting for furry SC2 Clan

    If you play SC2 and are furry/scalie, pop in my stream @ www.twitch.tv/wrathundiondthewolf and throw me your SC2 info, or comment it below.
  14. R

    How many dragons out there?

    Show me a picture of your dragonsona and why you chose to be one! (If you just want to show off your oc that's fine too.)
  15. Teadino

    TeaDino's Commissions: Character Illustrations & Sketches [OPEN]

    Hello! Here is my pricing and commission types. Please Note me at Teadino@FA or email donnavu.art@gmail.com Follow me on Trello for commission updates! Illustration Style 1 Description: Woodsy, colorful Character art with colored background. Expressions, Poses are my specialty! One Character...