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  1. Viiburnum

    Hiring: ($50+) LF: Custom Character Design (DND)

    Hello! I'm looking to commission someone for a custom design (SFW) of my DND character with an outfit; it can be just the character wearing the outfit instead of a clothed + unclothed version. I'm ideally looking for something under $100 USD right now. I have a rough idea of what I'd like her...
  2. reptile logic

    Secundus preparing Master's morning ensemble.

    I'm a writer, not a visual artist. Still, I wanted to share this with you. This is the first commissioned artwork related to the stories. Many thanks to DarznWolfe for the beautiful portrait. In this dystopian world, where the wealthy can buy life itself, others must pay the price for their...
  3. reptile logic

    Short story: Derelict

    Welcome back to another in my collection of short stories beginning with "Twenty Year Review". Today's story looks at this world from ground level. Meet Gina, a woman who society had tossed away and forgotten. As it turns out, this derelict is worth killing for. (Violence, gore, occasional...
  4. Smeaf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 3D Head/Torso Sculpt $50

    Hi I'm Smeaf, I am a digital Sculptor and am currently open for commissions. I mainly do head and torso sculpts. Below are examples of my work. I accept payment through paypal right now, you can direct message me here or on discord. Discord: Keeffe#3975 Please message me and give me your ref...
  5. MiwaKitsune

    New Fur!

    Hi guys :D I'm a utahraptor named Vocha.. I like video games and metal music and I'm a self taught artist. My brithday is on March 14th :o I have a few other OCs, Myrath(bat-fox) Scavenger(arctic fox) and Ah-ha(smile dog)
  6. Foxy Emy

    Tooksail the Copper-Scale needs insults!

    So, I am putting together a new OC. A fun, scaly character! A little aasimar (meaning she has celestial blood) Kobold named Tooksail the Copper-Scale. A.k.a. Tooksi. She is a witty bard that I am playing her in a pathfinder campaign. More specifically, she is a satirist executioner who punishes...
  7. Armomen

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW&SFW Semi-Realistic Comissions open! (Dragons, Scalies,etc) 20-200+$

    Contact me on furaffinity or Telegram if you're interested! Comission TOS Comissions price list Please read my Terms of Service before comissioning me! Digital, one character, no shading, no background (style like this NSFW www.furaffinity.net: C:: Lime Green by Armomen ) for $35...
  8. Jojer

    Question of the year! SCALY or SCALEY?

    I spell it "scaley" but I think I'm a minority! :p
  9. Myrah Ashkara

    Reference sheet needed for anthro dragon ($100-$300)

    Anyone with a penchant for drawing scales and horns should get in touch with me. I've set aside a chunk of money that can range anywhere from $100-$300 USD, and it's all for art. I'd like to get started with a reference sheet for my namesake character Myrah. She's an anthro dragon with...
  10. Yacare


    Are you bored with the species of your fursona? Tired of being a wolf? Just want to see how it would look if it were a different species? I can help! :D For the same prices I charge to draw a character, I can also transform them (you can see the prices here) If you would like to see the...
  11. Angellothefox

    Getting back into the grove with Croc

    On Christmas Eve I stayed up late unplugging my PlayStation 3 and plugging my old PlayStation 1 back in. On Christmas day I was on the ice island which is suitable since everything sounds like it is a Christmas theme. All in all I love this game I managed to get to the Mexican island I mean...
  12. Emerald_raven

    New year sale !

    I offer scaly creatures bust or headshots for just 15$:) here examples of what you get www.furaffinity.net: Free dragon/scaly headshots practice #3.5 by Emerald_raven www.furaffinity.net: Free dragon/scaly headshots practice #2 by Emerald_raven
  13. Emerald_raven

    Free dragon/scaly headshots practice :)

    Hi there ! :) since i need to improve my dragon drawing skill and improve speed of it i will going to choose 3 of chars to make free headshots of them :) Rules are easy :) Add me to watch list Userpage of emeraldraven -- Fur Affinity [dot] net . show your char and i will chose 3 of them to make...