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  1. Vinfang

    Artists, have you ever been scammed by a client?

    Here is the story... I just got scammed. Client paid $60 out of $480 and is deleting herself on FA after she got busted ( I showed her the copied response from the 3rd party helpdesk ) I would probably remember this forever, because this is the first time it has happened to me. This is awful...
  2. MadManx

    Scammer Saturdays/Sundays - Free Art to victims of Scammer

    I've been needing to do this for a super long time HOWEVER, I am providing FREE ART to those who have been scammed! As someone who believes in lawful services its EXTREMELY TROUBLING TO SEE MANY PEOPLE OUT HERE GET SCAMMED - it doesnt make sense for artists of all forms to simply not keep tabs...
  3. N

    Can I report a Paypal transaction from a closed account?

    So a while back I had to close my old Paypal account and reopen it, since the old account I had didn't have my legal name, nor my legal age, because I was dumb when I first opened it and had done it when I was still 17. Obviously I reopened it though, under the same email that I had switched my...
  4. N

    spam/scam ads

    Anyone else seeing this sort of thing? I’m getting a lot of misleading ads. The kind that pretend your device is infected.... etc. I have some screenshots but i’m Using my phone so I can’t upload them right now. Also seeing massive junk ads at the bottom of some pages. Not what I normally...
  5. Deathless

    Fursuit Scamming/Ripping Off Story

    Mine was with paws I've ordered on Etsy. These paws were 50$ and the last of my holiday money. It took over 2 months for them to arrive and all that I've gotten were pieces of blue fur effortlessly sewn together. My fursona has black finger tips and all that this maker did was airbrush the outer...
  6. Crimson_Mutant

    Need help for a friend!

    My friend was ripped of almost a grand worth of art by a user on FA who has a high following and has ripped off many others and never deos thier art. I want to post an artist beware and get some advice on how to handle this situation civilly with out a bunch of drama. And help my friend get back...
  7. Fibriel Solaer

    Payposter.com stole my artwork and probably yours

    DigitalDomain123 alerted me to a web site that steals artwork and advertises it for sale as posters. EDIT: I have removed the link due to concerns that it may run malicious scripts immediately upon visit. (I have a script blocker myself.) If you have visited this site, virus scan your PC...
  8. N

    Buyer Beware, DHGate Scam

    There is a Chineese website that appears to be selling ilegal reproductions of Fursona Fursuits. Do not bother with these $300 knock offs as the actual product dosen't match the stolen pictures and have horrendously off proportions. If you see your pictures or Intellectual Property being abused...