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scammer alert

  1. Vinfang

    Artists, have you ever been scammed by a client?

    Here is the story... I just got scammed. Client paid $60 out of $480 and is deleting herself on FA after she got busted ( I showed her the copied response from the 3rd party helpdesk ) I would probably remember this forever, because this is the first time it has happened to me. This is awful...
  2. A

    Beware user Generalheartlocke - Scammer

    This user has proven themselves to be DrawinglyWillingly from DA along with SEVERAL old alias, including old names from FA. She's been scamming people since 2012/2013. You can just google DrawinglyWillingly scammer and come up with stuff from years ago. She has 80 or so things to do on her 'to...