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  1. Tubs

    Hiring: Closed! (Flexible Budget): Need Help Creating Shark Character

    Hello! I was interested in creating a shark sona/character, I need someone who is probably versed in more muscle/bara type of art and who has experience drawing sharks! I wanted to create a shark character that has more muscle/on the bigger side and probably has markings/scars/etc. In terms of...
  2. F

    Does your fursona have any scars?

    Does your fursona have any scars from accidents, combat, etc? (I'm referring to physical scars) This can range from cut scars, surgery scars, burn scars, or permanent bruises. La'sari has a little scar on her cheekbone from a swordfight. She has multiple bruises that won't go away after being...
  3. No Trip

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptable Auction - Stronk Lizard (nsfw, female and futa versions) 30 min remaining

    Some sort of lizard/dragon woman. Too strong for those chains to hold her. Bidding runs through Wednesday the 27th, 10pm central time. Main page with bidding here. Display of futa version here. The starting bid is $30 with a minimum bid of $5.