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  1. K

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $20 Halloween YCHs! Headless Horseman-The Necromancer

    Spooky season is here! Kick it off with a ych! All illustrations will be completed on or before Nov. 5th and you will receive a full-size 5x7 inch file of your character featured in one of the above costumes. Only available until November 1st. To reserve a slot, pick an illustration (Headless...
  2. Crayons Are Snacks

    Movies that traumatized you as a kid

    I’ll go first: Gremlins. I watched it when I was 6 and slept in my parents’ room for a week.
  3. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ghost nun checks if you're awake...

    The sisters follow a strict schedule at the convent. You best be asleep when they check on you. Based on my personal experience at catholic school retreats. They don't mean any harm but damn it's creepy. ✦ • ── •✧☾✧• ── • ✦ You will get 2 items: A high res Illustration PNG and a 1500x900 gif...
  4. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Wanted: Fem Ghost | Animated YCH

    The vengeful Balete Drive ghost takes interest in a very unfortunate driver. You're not her murderer; surely she made a mistake. ✦ • ── •✧☾✧• ── • ✦ SB: $40 (1 Pose, fading in and out) MB: $5 AB: $100 (3 poses as shown) ✦ • ── •✧☾✧• ── • ✦ GHOST FINISH SAMPLE You will get: A high res...
  5. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    I am open to an artrade if anyone is interest! heres my samples. deviantart I'm open to all styles sketchy or cleaned up and any lengths portrait/half/fullbody though I am looking for some colour included, even if its just flat colour! I really want art of my oc, Fatkat. I just love him so...
  6. B

    Art Trade: Looking to trade art for unusual/scary characters

    Hiya! I'm a sucker for OCs with strange and spooky designs. I'm looking for more characters like this, so I'm willing to make art for them in exchange! Feel free to offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested. Examples of my art are below: Thanks for stopping by!
  7. Phase2

    Request: Fluffy, toothy demon boi

    Would anyone be interested in doodling this little fella? Lurid on Toyhouse his teeth are large in his mouth. he likes to hang from tree branches from his tail. he also has a problem with staring at people with an expressionless face! he rarely stands on two legs. but if he does, he looks...
  8. Ecko-The-Bat

    I would love to see your horror fursonas!

    I would love to check the scary, creepy, and grotesque fursonas/characters you all have! Thanks! ;A; -Ecko out-
  9. Skittlesthehusky

    What was the most scariest thing you've ever seen/experienced?

    this is an open discussion! so you can bring up your own experiences and everything. just don't get too gorey or nsfw, stick to the TOS boys, girls, and nonbinary pals. uwu --- this isn't exactly the most terrifying for me, but it is a really bad experience i've had where i was in the car with...
  10. Moar Krabs

    Explanation please

    I was scrolling through YouTube one day and saw this video. It shows a man in the middle of the night walking through a park with almost no clothes on. 2 people are driving by him and record the entire thing. He then chases them and almost touches the car. His eyes are also glowing for some...
  11. C


    Has anyone else watched this movie from Brice and Duplass? It's the first movie since Blair witch to really freak me out. I love scary movies and see everything that comes out. Most have no effect but this had me looking over my shoulder for a few days. It's not exactly furry, but it sort of is...
  12. Notkastar

    Too many Spider! (Terrifying Skyrim Glitch!)

    Alright, this just happened a few hours ago and feel free to mock me for being this freaked out from a got dang video game but this glitch just terrified me. Now I'm not gonna say "A Spooky scary ghost took over my computer and made this stuff happen" or anything. I'm pretty sure this was just a...
  13. Jackson Volfer

    Please help, I've been to 'that' side of YouTube again!!

    Hey, I recently (I say recently loosely I've been watching YT for about 10 hours now) have been watch YouTube. Normally this is on the lower end of physiological harm, but I found a feed of interesting videos about Cicada 3301. Well long story short I watched a video of someone explaining how to...
  14. Beatle9

    What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

    I love hearing stories about dreams people have had, and I love horror. So let's combine the two; what nightmare still disturbs you just thinking about it? Mine probably doesn't sound that interesting at first. I can't exactly remember what led up to this, but in the dream I was being chased by...
  15. DuranWolf

    What's your favorite scary movie?

    Do you like scary movies? I love them! My all time favorite horror film is John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). I first saw it when I was 11 years old on cable many moons ago. It scared me a lot and gave me nightmares for many weeks. It was awesome. So, what's your favorite scary movie of...
  16. Schneeauge

    Halloween Sale 20% Discount

    Hello Sweethearts! :3 Halloween is right around the corner, it's getting cold and scary. Therefore...: All Halloween/Scary/Dark themed commissions get 20% discount. - SFW and NSFW allowed - no detailed background this time, only flat BG (transparent/textured) or simple BG/(bigger) props -...
  17. H


    Just started drawing.. Yesterday I got nothing.. after my 14th or so attempt today this is all I have.. I feel like I need to start over with a tutorial or twenty but I can't find anything about where everything should be on the face and shapes and stuff. I can't do anything without straight up...