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  1. Fabshutup

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Open Commissions this November!

    ────◦ (● ̄(エ) ̄●) ◦──── ★ OFFER ★ ★Buy a "REF SHEET" commission to get a 25% DISCOUNT on all my commissions for a month 3/3 avaliable ★ "SCENE" commission 1/3 avaliable (Just one is avaliable) You all can also ask for my general commissions just in case you need something. Additional...
  2. Kazonking

    Scenic Art

    I know this might not be completely fit with anything "furry" but was giving a go with scenic art (since it seems I do way better with that lol). Hopefully you all will enjoy it anyway! I will be trying to practice drawing furry art in the future!
  3. Maro

    Halloween YCH auction! Digital painting. SB: 15$ AB: 85$ (Full scene)

    www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Any species, any expression (can be scared or brave etc) Wings OK! 2ND CHAR IS FREE IF AutoBuy www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Examples of style:
  4. Freddydanger

    Scenecore / Furrycore Server

    Hello all! I am making a post to advertise my furrycore / scenecore / 2000s webculture discord server. This server's main focuses are helping people with disabilities make friends, and allowing a space for furries and scene kids to create. We love artists and have many channels to advertise...
  5. V

    Hiring: Commission for single Furry scene -Budget of $150 [Closed]

    Looking for someone willing to do an NSFW scene involving two detailed hermaphrodite characters with 2-3 background generic characters (may be less detailed) reacting. Must be comfortable drawing a character appearing underage being involved in NSFW activities. I do want a background with some...
  6. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    Illustration Artist [Closed]

    I am looking for an artist that would do a discounted scene piece for myself and 4 friends as a gift to them for Christmas. It's a surprise to them and a way of saying thank you to them for being involved in my character's story. However I am in a financial bind and I can't afford the usual...
  7. Aet

    Doing One Scene Piece

    So I've been having terrible art block and have been self conscious about the art I have made. I've been happy with my progress as far as portraits but I'm lacking depth of emotion, and scenes are just so daunting. So, I want to create at least one scene piece, preferably sfw or soft NSFW but...
  8. AraPersonica

    Illustration and Animation Commissions *OPEN!*

    Hellooo everyone! I hope this post finds you well! I am here to offer you my services! ::bows:: I am currently taking Illustration and Animation commissions! Slots! 1.) Claimed by Tyrankoos on FA! COMPLETE! Watch the animation here! 2.) Claimed by Taldrin on FA~ Thumbnails Sent! 3.) Claimed...
  9. Talburt

    Background Artist: Give your characters a home!

    Hello! I'm a background artist who works by hand to create exciting looking backgrounds for a variety of different visual novel, comic and illustration projects! My portfolio is here: chsmith11.carbonmade.com: Claire ‘Talburt’ Smith My prices are made to suit your budget, and I have an...
  10. gothboy420

    unusual or rare emo anthro fursona?

    where are all the weird edgy furries on here? trying to meet other edgelords like myself and maybe skype me to help me create my fursona. im a new closeted furry in college btw weenfart.tumblr.com is my tumblr soooo check that out
  11. adoptees

    RPG Pixel Scenes commission! Your OC in an RPG!

    RPG style - your OC in an RPG scene! -- Closing thread here, you can contact me @dA: adoptees.deviantart.com
  12. Yarik

    Reference Sheets & Scenes (Open)

    Hello all! I'm offering Commissions budgets of many kinds. Pretty much everything "full" you find in my gallery is 50€ but there can be done cuts to lower the costs. (Look up the flexible options!) You can also find all the pricing information you need on my FA commission-tab. If you're using...
  13. dovahthecat

    Dovahthecat's commissions (OPEN)

    Hey there everybody! dovahthecat from FA here, or you may know me as thedovahcat back on tumblr side. I'm open for commissions currently and will remain so indefinitely! You can check out my art at my gallery here! (Be sure to check my FA journal for sales!) For a full list of commission prices...
  14. bow1

    Open YCH Auc,17-46,Wander through the Forest

    Trying to get into fa and would like it if you could check out my YCH Auction. It starts at 17$USD for a fully coloured and shaded piece with background. No bids so far. Thank you. www.furaffinity.net: Open||YCH Auction by bow1