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  1. TwistedTeeth

    Cheap Commissions / Quick Turnaround

    Hey all, looking to fill up queue for the first two weeks of October. If you get something you will get it on the day you're queued up for (if you're queued for Monday you'll gave it by Monday night, etc). Right now I'm taking two or three pics per day. Recently just lowered my prices on...
  2. houseofthefly

    KENNY'S commissions!

    hello! i would like to offer my artistic services. prices are negotiable and depend on the level of detail you desire. please PM me if you are interested! SIMPLISTIC SCENES estimated cost: $25-$85 USD REF SHEETS (traditional or digital) estimated cost: $30-$75 USD PORTRAITS estimated...
  3. TwistedTeeth

    Art Shop - Pay By The Hour!

    Thank you for stopping in to take a look at what I have to offer. I look forward to working with any of you and getting you the art quality you deserve! My goal is to work efficiently with quality still in mind. Turnaround is quick (expect 2 weeks at maximum for a finished piece) and the pricing...