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  1. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Main Site Scheduling Uploads

    I apologize in advance if someone had suggested it. But I was wondering... similar to Twitter, WordPress, and similar places, maybe FurAffinity should do some sort of "scheduled" uploading, so that people could be a bit more regular in their uploading. People could prepare in advance some...
  2. D

    What are your plans for today?

    Today is August 12, 2018. At 10:00 AM today, I plan on walking five miles. When I return from my walk, I plan on drawing an icon/avatar. That is all I really have planned for the rest of the day. Rules are; 1) Don't post exact locations and the time period in which you will be there. 2) Site...
  3. Shaloxeroligon

    Best Time to Fursuit During a Con

    So at AC this year, I fursuited more than I ever have before. It was a lot of fun. But, and this is the point of the thread: there weren't a lot of other suiters around. When I was out, most other suiters weren't, and when I wasn't suiting, a lot of suiters were out. This disappointed me, as I...