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science fiction

  1. CanineDigital-Art

    Cyberspace Protection Force, new furry webcomic by Canine Digital [Art by: RealKyubi]

    Canine Digital is the result of the efforts and collaboration of artists who seek to inspire young people with powerful and intriguing stories, and this will be our first series to launch :D Here's our Facebook page if you wish to check it out: https://www.facebook.com/CanineDigital/ Discord...
  2. Koush

    Sci-fi books recommendation

    Hey, folks! I've recently started delving into science fiction books and quickly fell in love with the genre <3 However, I do not know many good titles, and my thirst is far from quenched hahaha SO, I would love sharing my recommendations and getting to know some from you. I usually prefer hard...
  3. A

    American Feral: Imprint, Discovering Humanity Among Beasts

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Becker, I am a science fiction author and furry, and I am excited to announce my first full length novel American Feral: Imprint is now available on Amazon in E-book, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback! E-book/Unlimited: https://amazon.com/dp/B0BDV85B7R...
  4. RememberTheBeginning

    Looking for Mass Effect (or general sci fi) RPers!

    Hello, I am looking for a community of Mass Effect or science fiction RPers. Small groups and one on one RP works as well! A few things about me: -I am an alien furry. -I am over 18. -I am new. Never did RP before but want to try it. -Not the best at grammar. Sorry. Bad with typos, too...
  5. D

    Finding a group/partner to roleplay with (NSFW or Kinky)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner or a group that I can join or start. I like to do a combination of fantasy and sci-fi including fandom as well as other types of role plays. I'm doing just to have fun and have something to do in my free time. This also might be good for me to do to help...
  6. Cres Moon

    Sci Fi Fantasy

    Space, the most dangerous frontier ever crossed, the slightest miscalculation in travel could lead to disaster. Pirates, aliens, the mystical forces beyond science all unpredictable in their own right. The year is 3457 four years after the war between the empire and the republic. The galaxy is...
  7. Kosmo Kittypup

    Space furs, where you at?

    any variety of space related, be it grounded realistic astronauts, or science fiction space explorers, or aliens, or anything beyond all that! i wanna know how many space furs are out there. my fursona is rooted a lot in 80's-90's SF anime with some vague influence from your usual nostalgic...
  8. R


  9. M

    Which of these technologies (on this list) would be very hard to do in Star Wars?

    List of hypothetical technologies - Wikipedia
  10. M

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic story be looking to create?

    Im trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have...
  11. S

    Hiring artists for Ebook covers and spaceship art.

    Hi, my name is Snekguy and I write a NSFW science fiction series, along with a few random one-off stories usually featuring mythological creatures and the like. You can check out my content here: Snekguy is creating Erotic Fiction | Patreon Userpage of Snekguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What the...
  12. Cres Moon

    Kaiju, Mech RP

    So I'm a big mecha anime fan and an even larger Godzilla fan. Something I've always wanted to do is an rp set in a world with similar themes. Such as nature vs science and other things along that nature. My favorite designs for mechs are from Neon Gensis Evangelion, even though technically they...
  13. Miles Marsalis

    Is Furry Fiction Science Fiction or Fantasy By Default?

    I've read some fiction with anthropomorphic characters over the past few months, both house-published or self-published, and realized that all of the titles are filed under science fiction and fantasy. However, in the self-published furry fiction I've read, the stories would largely be...
  14. TrickTheFox


    Yeah I have no idea why I haven't done this sooner... Trick! Me! The Fox! I love you. I love everyone. <3 I write science-fiction in a universe I call Wildstar (no not that one also I had the name first) with genetically-engineered anthro animal people, whose animal traits actually matter...
  15. Sally 4th

    Furry Miniatures for RPG and other Miniature Gaming

    I am currently working on a project to develop a miniatures game based on Albedo Anthropomorphic universe. The game will include a rulebook, campaign sourcebook, cards, tokens etc together with a wide range of 28mm pewter miniatures. These are multipart and can be used in the sci-fi miniatures...
  16. I

    How will we treat future AI?

    We have all seen movies and read books regarding futuristic AI beings with incredibly complex emotions, free will, and self awareness. They can seem convincingly human when interacting with them, and can cause us to emit the same emotions we feel as we do with fellow human beings or intelligent...
  17. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Open for Business

    Hello may name is Louis Nagy(aka n1ghtmare7) and as the title says I am open for commissions, I am a traditional artist using mostly watercolors,and whatever kind of picture you want be it fan art for one of your favorite shows, or a personal piece i can draw what ever pops into your mind, SFW...
  18. Zel_____

    What are some good anthro/furry books? Fantasy or science fiction preferred, but open to new ideas!

    I finally finished reading "Theta" by Sasya Fox like three years after getting it (saw an ad on FA and the first half of the book was free, and it was good enough to buy the second half from Google for only $2). It was surprisingly good. And it was also surprisingly enjoyable to read about a...
  19. W

    Species 2 themed RP

    I've had this idea for an RP based on the second Species movie, where the boy in the ambulance at the end absconds with Eve, the Sil clone's baby. Here's an example of a possible first post: The little boy sat in the back of the ambulance, watching the dead woman's belly expand with life. The...
  20. M

    Future invention timeline

    I am trying to make a timeline from. 2017 to 2050 with each year having one future invention. One invention per year, so 33 ideas. I am well aware of Futuretimeline.net and I do NOT like it. I'm looking for original creative ideas. Thanks!