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  1. Koush

    Sci-fi books recommendation

    Hey, folks! I've recently started delving into science fiction books and quickly fell in love with the genre <3 However, I do not know many good titles, and my thirst is far from quenched hahaha SO, I would love sharing my recommendations and getting to know some from you. I usually prefer hard...
  2. M

    Which of these technologies (on this list) would be very hard to do in Star Wars?

    List of hypothetical technologies - Wikipedia
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Furry Studies

    I have a question. Has there ever been studies conducted about our fandom from research institutions and such? Like universities?
  4. Attaman

    Attack of the Prehistoric Vegan Crocodiles (And other nature oddities)

    Okay, so technically it's not a sure thing that they only ate plants (versus a diet predominantly herbivorous), but a relatively recent study found that herbivorism evolved at least three times in the crocodilians of the Mesozoic Era. The catch of "And other nature oddities" is since... well...
  5. M

    Shortwave and AM DXing

    Anyone else into Shortwave and/or AM DXing? If so, what are you using and what's the furthest station you've received? I'm running a Tecsun pl600 and a RSP1a SDR on my pc running a 25ft outdoor wire. The furthest station I've received here in Wisconsin was a China Radio International broadcast...
  6. Yakamaru

    General Science(and videos) Thread

    I KNOW we have a ton of science geeks and nerds on the forum. :D To start off easy, here's a video with 10 interesting places on Earth: Then something that particularly caught my eye; The never-ending lightning strikes in Catatumdo, Venezuela. Know of anything cool that's science-related...
  7. Simo

    Moon question, for scientist Furs: What if the Earth had 12 Moons?

    OK, let's say, just hypothetically, that instead of one moon, like the Earth has now, that it now has 12 moons, all of the same size, nearly identical in composition, and orbiting in a ring, spaced equally apart, the same distance as our current moon. What would happen? Would we have high tide...
  8. Alrazvick

    I’m new, I’m a nerd and I’m looking for new friends.

    I have had an account for some time now but I now I have finally decided that I’m going to try to make new friends. The first thing you need to know about me is that I love video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, science and good stories. I’m a huge fan of Pokémon and Digimon as well as nearly...
  9. D

    A poem about science!

    Curiosity Within and Without 3-15-18 Felix Bernard From all the vast universe, Of all that is unseen, To the closeness we converse, To the smell of a sesquiterpene. “It is good” as One may say, So much splendor, so complex, That no mere mortal can convey, Without a swirl of wonder -...
  10. Joni

    Are you interested in science?

    I need topics for Youtube videos. What would interest you? I've already worked out some topics. basics of electronics: voltage, current, resistance multimeter tutorial electronical components: transistors/led's/ capacitors etc. some other stuff: free energy/ perpetuum mobiles and the law of...
  11. Katook

    How's your relationship with your dreams?

    Dreams are something most of us are familiar with having, and they are something I find very fascinating and complex. I've always had vivid dreams, but they vary in times in my life when they're more vivid. Spring, actually, is a time when I have the most disrupted sleep because of lucid dreams...
  12. P

    Research Survey For My Biology Class

    Hello everyone! I hope it is allowed to post this. I need as many responses as I can get for my anonymous servey for my research project for college. It is regarding prescription medicine and sleep. This is the survey: goo.gl: Prescription Medicine and Sleep ! It is completely anonymous. I...
  13. M

    Limits of science

    What would be a great future invention in each of these fields of science? Be creative and out of the box for each. Something I haven't thought of yet 1.) Astrophysics 2.) Biochemistry 3.) Botany 4.) Geology 5.) Medicine 6.) Physics 7.) Psychology 8.) Computers 9.) Anthropology 10.)...
  14. Zyren_EX

    The CS-One (A Science Fiction RolePlay)

    Vacancies: None (sorry all spots are taken atm, please check back later) Status: Active | Inactive | Dead Cast List: Player - Character Name - Species - Ship Position Zyern_EX - Raz - Denkisaur - Shift Pilot #1 OakenheeltheWolf - Oakenheel - Wolf - Stow Away WolfoxeCrevan - Crevan - Fennec -...