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  1. reptile logic

    New book coming out; shooting for end of Dec!

    Hey y'all, [Edit: due to low staffing over the holidays, my distributor tells me that a new, reasonable release date will be January 16, 2023. sorry for the delay. I really wanted the book out this year, but ultimately the delay at my end gave me time to further polish my work. Been working to...
  2. XionMonro

    Detail oriented rp (nsfw)

    Hi! I’m looking to find some one interested in starting up a longer format rp with me. Ideally i’d like this to be ongoing. Length and detail preferred, but if anything I’d prefer good detail. Also preferably able to do this over telegram or discord… About my fursona: My fursona is named...
  3. XionMonro

    Sci-Fi rp NSFW romance

    Meet the VRL ISH-9-33 line. a highly advanced AI hyenaform capable of human emotion and characteristics unlike any other seen before. With models capable of preforming deep space missions. Models capable of going into battles. And a new civilian model capable of a tender touch, while still...
  4. Glitter_Daddy

    A Slice of Alley Life

  5. Oxa the Xeep

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) [CLOSED] SFW | $8-$25+ | USD & CLP!

    ヽ@(・x・)@ノ Hello and welcome to Oxa's art shop!ヽ@(・x・)@ノ I'm a digital artist based in Chile. If my style is of your liking, here's what I can do for you: [SPECIAL OFFER] Simple Fullbody (15 USD / 10.000 CLP) Simple style, fully colored and cell shaded. As a bonus I'm adding a custom pattern...
  6. Kosmo Kittypup

    Space furs, where you at?

    any variety of space related, be it grounded realistic astronauts, or science fiction space explorers, or aliens, or anything beyond all that! i wanna know how many space furs are out there. my fursona is rooted a lot in 80's-90's SF anime with some vague influence from your usual nostalgic...
  7. Michel96M

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH garden pool SB 10 $

    BID HERE: YCH garden pool - YCH.Commishes SB: 10$ MI: 1$ AB: 50$ Change clothes: + 5 $ Payment: 50% now and 50% after the colored sketch -Any gender -Anthro -Any species -Any hairstyle, features -Paypal only -Deadline: 4 days - 14 days -Full rendered (without line art)
  8. lizbeth490021

    The Anaether - weird adult scifi drama with some queer smut (non-furry)

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on the prototype chapter of my adult scifi drama graphic novel, "The Anaether." It's intended for adult audiences only. The first 20 pages have been released on the main website. You can check out the blog for updates and works and progress, and check out...
  9. stazr_official

    Six People, One Prophecy, And Dark Magic

    What is #STAZR? StaZr is a multi-media company based out of Miami Beach, Florida. As a company, we aim to integrate reading back into society by bringing this fully immersive fantasy story beyond the printed page! Focused around a novel series of the same name, STAZR – The World of Z, Founder...
  10. Rap Daniel

    [Interstellar Pilot] Bounty Hunter's log

    [Interstellar Pilot is a mobile game where you can do basically anything inside a starship, including mining, trading, plundering, salvaging, and more! I play as a bounty hunter. This thread will log my accomplishments!] Today, I returned victorious against a rather large transport, the...
  11. TheArtOfDHT


    Just another sci-fi writing lizard man who draws robots and aliens. I do really do a lot of furries but I make comics.
  12. Devo Waterfowl

    Devo The Duck (Chapters)

    With so much going on with cartoons without that old school feelings of slapstick humor or the fact that people are too scared to talk about the real stuff that is going on in the world then it went to this one character to change the ties and bring the 30's back. Each chapter of Devo The Duck...
  13. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    web comic- Knights Chronicles

    this is my web comic Knights Chronicles, a world slowly dying at the hands of an evil tyrant the only hope for our world may lie in the hands of those once made to destroy it , this comic is done by me and me alone, and will god old pen and paper, if you enjoy science fiction and or fantasy...
  14. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    I need event Ideas for a 40k campaign.

    I was starting a Warhammer 40,000 campaign with my friends, and I need random event ideas. These would be large scale events that impact the overall campaign, or the player's force. The core resources are; Manpower Morale Supply Current Factions are; Orkz Tau Astra Militarum Grey Knights Chaos...
  15. T

    Information on Quoting for Contract Illustration Work

    Hi there... Recently got an ok to provide quotes to design starships and vehicles for an RPG game that could lead to other work. But I don't know how I should cost it out. I am going to be starting out with 3d pencil drawing rough designs then as the client puts more confidence in me I will move...
  16. C

    looking for a Rocket Raccoon for a sci fi adventure!

    Got a little idea for an rp where someone playing as rocket raccoon finds my character, picks him up and takes him on space adventures! if youre interested find my discord: Pharsalus#9832
  17. E

    Video Game Furs

    We all know how much Sonic has influenced the fandom, but what about other games? Does anyone have any fun characters or sonas based around other video game creatures and races? And I'm not just talking about regular anthros who have been written into the game's story, but actual in-game...
  18. daeofthepast

    > Adoptable Auction starting at $5 <

    www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] $5 auction - by daeofthepast AUCTION Starting Bid: $5 Min Increase: $1 Autobuy: $15
  19. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Knights Chronicles

    Come and check out my comic Knights chronicles, it is a sci fi fantasy mecha comic that takes place in the future, it is posted weekly on here FA ,its on DA i also have it on tapastic and for more I have it on webtoon ,I do it all myself ,by hand ,and do tell me what you think about it, and yes...
  20. Kenyatta

    Designing a Panther

    This is my boy Barrow! He's set in a sci-fi western area, kinda like in Firefly. I've yet to establish his backstory, and am having trouble thinking of his color palette. c: Oh! And big kudos and maybe a free drawing to whoever can guess where his design is inspired from c: