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  1. TR273


    After FAU I was looking to see what was going to be on next year in the UK and Europe just to try some more local cons and I found this one on over the first weekend in November scotiacon.org.uk – Scotiacon.org.uk Since it’s only a three hour drive for me I am going to check it out. Just...
  2. A

    My First Fursuit.

    So, I did something impulsive and bought myself a fursuit off ebay. It's a beautiful pink husky and I had been watching it for some time. When it finally came down in price I decided to buy it. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to ask what people felt like when they...
  3. Lemlest

    Scotiacon 2018/2019 + Fur Meets

    Hey! I'm not sure how many UK furs we have here, but is anyone going to Scotiacon either this year or next (I know it's a long way off lmao)? I unfortunately can't go this year but I am hopefully going next year and it would be cool to meet up with some people! I know NO furries outside of this...